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Full-length flexible orthotic insoles designed to fit soccer and gridiron boots. Helps with the relief of heel pain and ball of foot pain. Extremely comfortable!

  • high quality full-length football orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists
  • Now available from AMAZONplease click here
  • provides both support and cushioning
  • helps corrects excess pronation, fallen arches or flat feet
  • designed to fit soccer/gridiron boots. Also suitable athletics shoes
  • made of durable, cushioning P.U. and firm plastic T.P.U. outer shell
  • shock-absorbing Gel heel and forefoot padding
  • deep heel cup,  arch support and metatarsal raise
  • orthotic can be trimmed to size with normal scissors
  • Price: $33.95 per pair
  • FREE standard shipping across the USA and Canada
  • 90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy
  • Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on (855) 372-3729

14 reviews for Footlogics Football

  1. Dale Buckton

    My son is sensory and shoes never feel right to him. His soccer boots were too hard and normal innersoles were too wide. I found these online and gave them a go. He loves them and his boots are great now.
    I also bought a pair for my child who rolls his feet in badly. They work like a treat and have stopped his ankle pain.

  2. Chad Wright

    My son received a soccer scholarship and started training three to four hours four days a week as well as games. With the increased training load he developed severs in his heels. He got to a point where he could barely run and was only good for about five to ten minutes of play. He was also losing his fitness as well as his confidence and was depressed. My wife stumbled across these orthotics on the internet and we decided to give them a go. We are so glad we did! Our son is now able to run for longer periods and his pain has become a lot less. He is also regaining his confidence and is continuing to grow in his fitness. We’ve gone from a young man who thought his soccer playing was over, to a young man excited about his future in sports. Thank you for making affordable and excellent quality orthotics for families.

  3. Susan Jacups

    made a big difference to my son’s foot pain for AFL
    was limping by end of game, now not in pain

  4. Maz

    My son wears custom orthotics in regular shoes but they are too firm and wide for soccer shoes. These insoles are the best you can get for the price and his podiatrist said they are very good. It would be good for another option to have it a light version which is bit thinner and narrower even – the arch support does sit mich wider than any soccer shoes. Worn in Tiempo – take the original sole out for best fit.

  5. Frank

    Great product I buy these for my son for every boots that he gets
    Much better than the paper thin sole that comes with the boots
    Takes a little time to get used to the innersoles, but his knees and ankles are betters after training and game

  6. Morgan

    I’m a physiotherapist that needs orthotics for my over – prontating ankles and I’ve been looking for specific footy boot orthotic for years… I got these and they are literally perfect! I didn’t even have to cut them – they are nice and narrow and just slide into the boot – normal orthotics are too wide. Will be 100% recommending to all my clients and friends that play and need a footy orthotic – and for the price they are great value!

  7. Alana van Weeren

    Great product! My husband always wears through the original inner-soles of his soccer boots. He finds these very comfortable and an affordable replacement rather than purchasing new boots!

  8. Emily

    My son’s existing orthotics were too wide for his football boots, and wearing them without any support caused a great deal of pain to his feet and legs for about 3 days after each game. Footlogics Football Orthotics are a dream come true, they fit perfectly, support his feet comfortably, and most importantly, he is pain free!

  9. Jelena

    just what my son needed, an orthotic that fits into a football boot. His existing orthotics were too wide to fit into soccer boots and having no orthotic was not ideal. Glad we found Footlogics FOOTBALL orthotics. Now all my boys are wearing them in their soccer boots.

  10. Rick

    Very good product well made fast delivery. Great for soccer players and working on your feet all day.

  11. tsalis.c

    Great alternative, Normal orthotics to wide and no cushioning. footlogics are magic.

  12. Mario

    I’ve worn these insoles in my boots (Nike Tiempos) for 5 sessions now. They take some getting used to however they are definitely better than the thin insoles that come with the boots. They are good quality, fit, and offer good cushioning and arch support. My only complaint is that the plastic arch reinforcement ends suddenly and can sometimes be felt poking into my arch. Definitely worth the money.

  13. Jason Donaldson

    Perfect length for my boots (XBlade Jet), but unfortunately they’re a touch narrow in the forefoot leaving a gap at each side. Will try the regular Sports version.

  14. Kristian

    I’ve been using footlogics products for a while now and never disappointed. The football insole suits my soccer boot really well and helps me a during soccer matches and training. The comfort, built material and the designed arch support have been perfect for my feet. I’ll definitely buy again for my other soccer boots in near future.

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90-day Money-Back-Guarantee

When you purchase Footlogics orthotics your walking comfort is guaranteed! If our product does not provide you with the level of comfort you expected, please return the goods within 90 days of purchase (with your receipt) and we will refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Even if you have worn the product for a while and/or have trimmed the insoles with scissors, you will still be able to receive a full refund. As soon as we have received the orthotics back from you, we debit your credit card or Paypal account.

Footlogics offers free shipping via USPS. Most packages are delivered in 2-3 business days, however, on occasion it could take 7-10 business days as exceptions apply and delivery time is not guaranteed. Our distribution centre is based on Fort Worth, TX