Sever’s Disease

Children’s Heel Pain
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Children Too Suffer From Heel Pain

Foot pain does not only make it harder for grown-ups to live their life normally but also often affects healthy and active children. Many a times children are found complaining of pain in either one or both their heels shortly after a run, or engaging in some kind of sports or physical activity or even after walking. This pain is usually at the back of, or under their heels. The primary cause of it is usually a condition called calcaneal apophysitis. It is very commonly reported among 8 to 14 year olds.

Childrens Heel Pain Severs Disease 02

Causes of Sever's Disease

The very fact that their feet and legs are growing is enough to cause this pain. The heel bone (the calcaneus) is not fully developed in children until 14 or may be later.

New bone forms at the growth plate of their foot (i.e. the apophysis, which is located at the back of heel). This is an area softer than others as it is meant to accommodate growth. Walking, running and sports cause repetitive stress on this growth plate. This results in inflammation of the heel area.

The heel's growth plate is very sensitive, therefore repeated running and contact with hard surfaces results in pediatric heel pain. Children active in sports such as football, baseball, soccer, races, or basketball are particularly vulnerable.


This increases the stress on their growth plate as well and is a significant cause for heel pain in children.

Shoe Inserts For Kids

Treatment for Sever’s Disease

  • Rest

You should reduce the activity that causes pain

  • Over the counter anti-inflammatory medication

Ibuprofen (found in Nurofen) helps reduce pain and inflammation

  • Stretching exercises before playing

This often helps reduce stress on the fascia and also relieves heel pain

Children’s Orthotic Insoles
Orthotic insoles - Footlogics Kids orthotics is ideal for children
  • They support their foot properly, and also help prevent over-pronation
  • Rectify improper gait by supporting their feet and aligning them in a proper biomechanical position

Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist now to rescue your child from his heel and foot pain.