What customers say about Footlogics...

“Hi, I received my orthotics this morning. I put them in my shoes straight away and all I can say is WHAT ABSOLUTE BLISS!!!!!”

- Wendy O'Sullivan, NSW

“Wow. I can’t believe the difference these orthotics have made.”

- Elizabeth Cairns, VIC

“OMG!! Thanks so much for the inserts/orthotics. I now can walk without a limp with the exercises and the inserts it relieves the pain of my Plantar Fasciitis incredibly!”

- Daniella, VIC

“Hi, I received my orthotics in the mail two days ago. They are terrific and thanks so much for sending them so fast. Much appreciated!! My husband is going to order some too now. Thanks,”

- Sarah

“I purchased a pair of "casual" and a pair of "comfort" from you about 6 months ago and was amazed at the instant relief from heel spur pain. At the time I could not complete 18 holes of golf without ending up hobbling back to the car. I have had no pain for 6 months and can now walk around bare feet all day at home with no pain as well. I still wear them in my shoes because they actually make my shoes more comfortable to wear than without them.”

- Mitchell Pearce

“Dear Footlogics I came across your website by chance and ordered 2 pairs of orthotics which arrived promptly. I have to say that your orthotics are very comfortable and did relieve my heel problem, the prices are also great and I have just ordered a third pair. I was just reading customer comments on your website and realized that one cannot have too many orthotics to fit the various shoes in the closet! So I will be ordering a few more pairs. Thank you again!”

- Lisa (Sydney)