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Preventing Joint Injuries

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Preventing Joint Injuries

You complain a lot about your joint pains and knee and back ache in particular. Some might consider all this a sign of old age, but this is not necessarily the case. If you get frequent pains and aches in your joints and age is not a factor here, it is a possibility that you have made your joints weak and prone to strains and pains of all kinds.

Remember, when it comes to joint health, stress and stiffness are only two of the many conditions that result from lack of joint care. If you continue to ignore your joints, it could lead to serious and long term pain and dislocation, recurring inflammation, and sprains that become more and more sever and frequent as time passes by. But you can change all that. You can become fitter and more active given that you pay attention to your joint health and never ignore their health in any circumstances.

Say Yes To Cardio

You can combine high-impact cardio exercises such as sprinting, plyometrics, and agility drills with low impact cardio sessions that comprise stationary bikes, swimming and treadmill walking. This varies out the stress level on your joints and mobilizes body fat just as effectively as hardcore weight training would. This further reduces stress on your joints and makes you healthier. Eventually your joints become stronger and less prone to pain and inflammation.

Workout To Increase Flexibility

Don’t forget to perform stretching exercises. Both dynamic and static exercises help maintain range of motion of your muscles and of the area around your joints. A stiff joint results in pain and restrictions during various activities and that makes your joints and muscles more prone to inflammation and swelling. This eventually weakens the muscles around the joint. A great example of an exercise targeted to increase your flexibility is your typical warm up routine that you follow to loosen up all your major muscle groups before you start working out.

Get Your Nutrition In Check

When you are trying to minimize inflammatory responses, you want to get rid of your excess body fat. This is a sure shot way to ensure healthy muscles and moving joints. Diets high in alkaline substances improve your energy levels and also lower inflammation in your body. So make sure that you include foods such as avocados, ginger and berries, apples, kale or spinach and dates and papaya in your diet. Understand that a diet that is low in saturated and harmful fats and processed foods is better for you. Opt for fish, fresh vegetables, fruits such as cherries, pineapples and apples, whole grains, brown and fiber rich breads and pastas and nuts, and legumes. Apart from these there are plenty of things that you can do to enhance your joint health and prevent them from injuries. Stay tuned for more!