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Full-length orthotic for Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, heel spurs and Achilles Tendonitis. Also helpful for the relief of ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia)

  • high quality full-length orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists
  • approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)
  • provides relief from Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain & heel spurs), Achilles Tendonitis and also Ball of Foot pain
  • now available on AMAZON – please click here
  • corrects over-pronation, fallen arches & flat feet
  • designed to fit in all types of lace-up shoes, including sports shoes. Also suitable for work boots.
  • made of supportive, yet flexible E.V.A + cushioning Podflex pads in heel and forefoot
  • deep heel cup, strong arch support + built-in metatarsal raise
  • orthotic can be trimmed with normal scissors
  • includes free Plantar Fasciitis Exercises leaflet
  • Price: $37.95 per pair
  • FREE standard shipping across the USA and Canada
  • 90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy
  • Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on (855) 372-3729

32 reviews for Footlogics Plantar Fasciitis

  1. Paula Mcdonald

    After two months of varying levels of pain in both feet and being unable to step forward when getting out of bed or standing up after being seated. I fitted the orthotic insole into my dress boots and spent the day on my feet and walking with only a minimum of pain. Fantastic relief! I will be purchasing more insoles for my work boots and continuing the stretching exercises daily. Don’t put up with the pain, put in the insoles.

  2. Warwick Georgeson

    Ordered my orthotics on Friday afternoon and received them Monday. Fantastic.Wore them in my golf shoes on Tuesday. I was able to walk 14 holes before I felt discomfort. Great improvement to my last attempt to play golf where I only got to 6 holes. I’m sure with the exercises added I’ll get through my next game in a week’s time.

  3. Danielle

    Was looking for an alternative to my rigid orthotics, These have the support equal to my rigid orthotic and the cushioning I was missing with, better knee joint movement. Very comfortable and are the perfect fit for all my boots. Pricing is excellent.

  4. Kathryn Austin

    Excellent product. These insoles have really helped alleviate the misery of plantar fasciitis. Great customer service and amazingly quick postage too.

  5. john mckiernan

    the real deal! i’ve had heel pain for 9 weeks now and cold paks can only do so much. these insoles gave me instant relief and i can walk without a limp. the tenderness in the heel hasn’t gone completely, but walking my Husky is no longer nerve wracking. thoroughly recommend.

  6. Tracey Anderson

    Excellent product. These insoles have really helped alleviate the misery of plantar fasciitis. Fabulous customer service and amazingly quick postage too.

  7. Yvonne McKellar

    EXCELLENT quality product, price, service and delivery. I shall certainly be purchasing more of this type for my problem feet and will recommend to others who need some type of insoles.

  8. Terri Fisher

    These are a replacement for the original pair I bought years ago. These insoles have been the best investment ever. I would estimate that my original pair has given me at least 700km of pain free walking!

  9. Lay-Lin Oh

    I bought these insoles for my husband and we were very impressed with the speedy delivery as we got them within 2 days. he’s been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and is very happy with the comfort & pain reduction. I will now order the sandals for him to wear as slippers.

  10. H

    So glad I bought these insoles, instant relief! I had to trim them slightly and followed the insole in my sneakers – perfect!
    Message to the ideas team: please create winter shoes and slippers 🙂
    Love your work!

  11. Kaz Neate

    Very excitedly fitted one of the two pair I had ordered into my walking shoes, off I went walking,found these very comfortable, easy to cut to size and my feet are starting to feel so much better. I have flat feet, a torn plantar fascia, and heel spurs on both feet, so was in a lot of pain and living in my Archie flip flops, not very elegant, but works. These orthotics are good, my heel pain is subsiding after a week and my feet are not as sore when I get up in the morning. Would recommend giving these a try before spending a lot of money on custom made orthotics. Do the exercises too and you will get huge relief.
    Thank you so much, a great site and prompt service.

  12. Tracy

    Great insoles would not use any others now.
    I felt relief from my plantar fasciitis after wearing them for a few days. Would be great if your had more sandal styles as i have the hogs and would love more to choose from.
    great service and great products thank you Foot logics

  13. Cheryl

    I have only just received my insoles and so far they feel good.
    Thank you once again for good customer service.
    Regards Cheryl

  14. Michael Lester

    Much better than the chemist innersole I have used in the past. I have plantar fibromatosis and after a few days of getting used to them my pain has reduced and has helped me to walk evenly again, taking the pressure of my other foot which was also starting to become painful due to extra weight load. For an off the shelf product they are excellent. Thanks Footlogics.

  15. Jon

    Been buying these for a while now. A great product. No more foot and knee pain.Well recommended.

  16. John McK

    all I need to say is that they did the job

  17. Layton

    Excellent product – gave immediate pain relief and were easy to cut to size. Can now walk and stand most of the day pain free. Well worth the investment. Highly recommended. I’ve got three pairs & will get more so I have them in all my shoes

  18. Julie

    Thank you for your amazing products. Helped relief my heel pain immediately. I’ve put them into my work /farm boots and since using them, I’ve had no foot/heel pain. Instant relief from day one. Normally after walking around working all day I would be in agony at end of the day. So happy with my purchase. Fantastic product.

  19. Derek D Johnson

    Amazed at the delivery time. Ordered one day and delivered the next day. With the insoles and flip flops I found relief from my foot spur within a couple of days. Very pleased. I would definitely recommend this product!

  20. Karen Townsend

    I am very happy with these insoles, they offer great support and feel really comfortable after a very short time of adjusting to them. They fit perfectly into my running shoes and I have had no further pain from Plantar fasciitis. I’m now keen to try the flip flops out! Super fast postage too thank you so much

  21. Louise

    The orthotic inner soles have helped my pain in the few days that I have had them. I’ve already bought more pairs for other shoes. The service was fantastic. Ordered them on Sunday and received them Tuesday.

  22. Anne-Maree Walker

    Amazing relief from very troublesome Plantar Fasciitis. What makes it even better is the customer service. I am so impressed with Footlogics care for their customers not just in service but also the buyers health. Good job!

  23. Lynsey

    I bought these for my husband as he had very expensive concrete style ones that I made fun of & were 4 times the price. He loved them and now has 5 pairs!

  24. Emily

    I purchased my first inserts about 8 months ago and I’ve never looked back. I live in an apartment with really hard carpet, it’s so uncomfortable. I also walk a lot at work and have plantar fasciitis. These inserts feel like walking on clouds! I don’t over-pronate, my arch is supported and my heels are comfortable. These make the cheapest shoes feel like top quality. Highly recommend!

  25. Denise

    Delighted with my orthotic insoles, can really feel the support when I walk now.

  26. Peter

    I’ve tried many insoles and these seem the best for everyday walking. My previous ones were too hard and these provide nice cushion but yet support. Ended up buying 2nd pair.

  27. Lana

    These footbeds completely alleviate any discomfort from plantar fasciitis in my right foot. I use these footbeds in my running shoes, hiking boots and cycling shoes. Highly recommend!

  28. Patricia

    I have used these soles years ago when I first had Plantar Fasciitis.
    They were recommended by a Podiatrist. I purchased them and they actually worked. The pain eased and one day I realised the pain was gone.
    I am much older now and have the problem again.
    The pain has eased but not completely yet.

  29. Michelle

    After ordering 1 pair of inserts for plantar fasciitis I soon realised all my shoes would need them. They definitely eased the pain and discomfort that plantar fasciitis causes.

  30. Tony

    I can finally walk pain free
    Great product

  31. Tom

    Read reviews so decided to buy them. They are with every penny, almost 100.percent relief as soon as I put them in my shoes and wore them. Can’t say enough abt them.

  32. Geraldine

    Best ever buy. Replaced inner soles in my walking shoes instantly felt the difference and in less than a week notice plantar fasciitis great improvement.

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Even if you have worn the product for a while and/or have trimmed the insoles with scissors, you will still be able to receive a full refund. As soon as we have received the orthotics back from you, we debit your credit card or Paypal account.

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