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  • Biomechanical Arch Support

    Biomechanical Arch Support

  • Developed by Podiatrists

    Developed by Podiatrists

  • Comfortable & Durable

    Comfortable & Durable

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Full-length cushioning & supportive insole for all types of work footwear. Maximum walking comfort! (also suitable for supinators)

  • full-length soft, extremely comfortable orthotic insole developed by Australian podiatrists
  • Now available from AMAZON – please click here
  • provides relief from tired, aching feet and legs, foot pain etc
  • supports the arches and cushions the foot
  • also suitable for people who supinate (feet that roll outward)
  • fits in all types work footwear, including work boots, gum boots, nurses shoes etc
  • shock-absorbing gel heel and forefoot pads
  • deep heel cup and mild arch support
  • IMPORTANT: PLEASE CLICK THE SIZING TAB above to make sure you this orthotic is the right size for you
  • Price: $34.95 per pair
  • FREE standard shipping across the USA
  • 90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy
  • Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on (855) 372-3729

57 reviews for Footlogics Workmate

  1. Michael D

    I was suffering from soreness on the inside of my left knee after wearing my work boots for a couple of days. Tried different boots types but still had soreness. My physio recommended inner soles with some arch support and instantly felt better. 10 days straight of wearing my boots and I’ve had zero knee pain. So good!

  2. James S.

    Can’t complain. Both items chosen fit like glove. 👍

  3. Donna S

    These work great very comfortable wearing

  4. Peter S.

    Only been using these for a week and the pain in the back of my heels is lessoning.

  5. Beth H

    After buying my footlogics flip flops which I love I thought I’d give the work mate orthotics a try after only 2 days on concrete in steel caps the difference is amazing thanks for the awesome service over the phone and speedy delivery

  6. Bronwyn

    Husband is using Workmates, they are great. Didn’t have to buy new boots. No more tired aching feet. Highly recommend.

  7. Zi W

    Speedy delivery all the way to LA. I work in construction and wear my work boots for 14 hours per day. After wearing these for only one week my feet feel so much better at the end of the day. My constant foot “ache” is almost gone. Great product, money well spent in my opinion.

  8. Ashton

    OMG.. Give your feet a treat with these. I’m on my feet from 7am til 5pm on a concrete floor. I wear Steel Blue boots with these inside and my feet are so comfortable all day. Money well spent! Also, speedy delivery.

  9. Anne

    Very fast delivery, can stand 8 hours straight on concrete with no problems:)

  10. Chris

    Have been using footlogics comfort & plantar fasciitis for some time & find I get good relief in conjunction with my podiatrist ,now I’m trying workmate in my boots!

  11. Bosko S

    Excellent Service by Footlogics. Standing on my feet all day these Footlogic Workmates have made a huge difference, they are comfortable and my feet are not sore at the end of each day. -Bosko

  12. Mike

    Footlogics Workmates are the best insole that I have ever experienced… great product, great price and simply the best.

  13. David R

    I’m wearing Footlogic workmates, these are great, for me these workmates need to support the arch more, but overall these are the best investment for my feet.

  14. Loren

    Workmates are the best arch support orthotic insoles I have ever had in my steel caps. Long hours on my feet feels like a breeze. Can not beat Australian Owned & a truly Fast delivery.. (that’s why I own 3 sets..)

  15. Ppa

    Fast shipping and great product. I am always on my feet so this product is great and keeping my feet happy.

  16. Barbara T

    Very comfortable and enabling me to stay on my feet (I work in Aged Care) all day without discomfort. Far cheaper than purchasing Orthodontic shoes. Thank you!

  17. Steve1969

    Best insoles i have brought. No more feet pain and that means a lot when i stand for 9hours a day

  18. Al M

    Bought the workmate orthotic insoles and they were so good I bought a second pair, I work in a fast paced kitchen and these are fantastic, I feel like my fatigue levels have reduced and no more sore feet. My wife, myself and our feet are so happy

  19. Frank M

    Great product feel the comfort straight away, feet and back much better at the end of the day

  20. Lloyd H

    Great relief for my tired feet. Lloyd

  21. Tony M

    The Footlogics Workmate Orthotics I just bought are sensational. The last pair I had, I purchased from my Podiatrist, and they didn’t work well for me, but since changing to the Workmate, I can actually go about my normal day with ease and extreme comfort. Don’t wait any longer if your feet hurt daily. Do yourself a favour and spend the money. You will not be disappointed I am just very disappointed that they weren’t around when I was in the building trade a few years back!!

  22. Barry

    Great product, really well constructed and comfortable, easy to cut to size.

  23. Brkober

    I didn’t realize my work boot insoles were so worn down. I’m very happy with my purchase. Excellent customer service and quality insoles with support and comfort.

  24. Ken

    Fantastic got the wife in to them as well best insoles ever had .service great and pleasant people, which makes a change keep up the great work. ❤👍🥳

  25. Coral W

    I’ve used these before and was very happy with them so wanted them for another pair of shoes. I couldn’t find them in any shops so had to buy from the website but the service was excellent so I will do it that way from now on.

  26. Jordan C

    These absolutely healed my feet!!! I was experiencing so much pain for months, going to physio, doing excercises etc for ligament and tendon pain and swelling in my feet. I did lots of research on insoles until I found these which provide a hard arch support plus the cushioning on the balls of my feet. The size is also a perfect fit, I was finding other brands had not enough sizes to choose from so nothing fit perfectly. Finally feeling back to normal again and can walk for hours without being in severe pain 🖤 Thank you!!!

  27. Murray H

    The footlogics workmate are comfortable and provide excellent support

  28. Ashley

    Good quality product, quick delivery

  29. Josh E

    I love these inserts. My feet feel so good after a week, no pain when walking and no aching feet afterwards. It seems to have helped with ongoing lower back pain as after the first day of wearing these inserts my ongoing back pain just disappeared. May have been circumstantial but the correlation seems to line up.

  30. Robert S

    Fit ski boots really well felt comfortable but yet to try them on the slopes

  31. Nichole S.

    Love them husband and I both use them

  32. Lyndal L

    Always go to this product. It’s definitely better for my high arches

  33. Philip.Murray1958

    Brought these instead of my usual SENSi inserts (out of stock). They are almost identical in shape but have a little more cushioning which worked well for me. I can now stay on my feet a whole day without getting sore feet. Will most probably buy these again now.

  34. Jenny S

    My job entails heaps of walking so I bought for my work shoes and have found them very comfortable. I like how the instep is higher and stops my feet rolling in. much more supportive. excellent thank-you 🙂

  35. Aran, M

    By far the best insole available. It is so much better than what you will find at your local supermarket and for not much more. This is my third pair – the performance and sport were also great. Delivery super fast!

  36. Shane, M

    I have been using these for a few years now and they last for around 12 months which is better than everything else I have tried

  37. Alan, Q

    Very comfortable and makes walking a lot easier and painless

  38. Kim G

    Brought these from my husband to try in his work boots, now I have to order more for his other shoes as he loves them – Thank You FL for the super quick delivery.

  39. Janine M

    Best orthotics ever. Foot pain from walking on hard floors (retail assistant) almost gone after only a couple of days. Pressure on outer part of foot, causing corns, gone. These have helped me immensely and I will definitely be ordering again. Great service and fast delivery too.

  40. Tun

    Have been using workmate insole for about 3 years now in the safety shoes and different is amazing. No more tired foots after 8+ hours on the feet. They last fair abit too only have to change once a year when buy new boots.

  41. JASON M

    Love these things. Purchased many pairs as I’ve worn my last sets too long!! Comfort was instantly noticable. Got extras so that I don’t have to change them between footwear. If you cannot afford podiatrist issued orthotics I urge you to try Footlogics. I won’t buy anything else..

  42. Pau T

    It’s a good quality and price. But the arch high is not enough for me because my feet is so flat and wide.

  43. Jedda05

    Bought Workmates for my son’s uncomfortable boots. They made such a difference that he wants another pair for his other boots. They feel warmer, are comfortable to walk in and doesn’t cause the muscle aches that previously did. Great service as well. Arrived so quickly and in perfect condition. Thank you for great service and product.

  44. Tyson Harrington

    Tyson Harrington – 21/05/2021

    Great service , very fast delivery . I have been down the track of the $650 Podiatrists
    orthotics and after wearing the Footlogics pair I cannot see any difference!
    Absolute value for money and gives me the ability to get multiple sets for different conditions ! Thanks so much Footlogics

  45. Amanda

    Amanda – 21/05/2021

    A great insole, true to size and very comfortable and suitable for work boots and wide running shoes.

  46. Aaron M

    Been using these for a few years now and I won’t buy a new pair of work boots without fitting them. They just work to reduce discomfort. Try them and you’ll find after finally sitting down with out boots after 12 hours that your feet arent sore anymore

  47. Donna Owens

    I had severe shin splints for over a year, they healed very quickly after using workmate in all my foot wear. Wouldn’t be without them.

  48. Troy Morton

    Good support & comfort throughout the day

  49. Michelle Dalton

    Received my workmate quickly thanks first time for these one so far good thank you.

  50. Luke

    First time buyer got the Workmate inner soles
    So far so good way better than others Ive tried
    Very very comfy
    Arnold Schwarzenegger………..Ill be back

  51. Lynsey

    I’ve now bought at least eight pairs of these for my husband, the sport, comfort and workmate as he wants them in every shoes that he owns, reasonable price, fast shipping and good quality.

  52. Sara Menke

    OMG 🙂 Arrived today and in work boots immediately!! No issues and total comfort all day. Thanks a bunch

  53. Annie

    Recently purchased for my work shoes. And immediately noticed the difference while wearing them. Very comfortable and my feet don’t ache like they use to without the insoles.

  54. Ian Button

    Awesome. Great quality innersole that has breathed new life into my otherwise good 14 year old motor bike boots

  55. Don

    So comfortable. Excellent service and variety to select from.

  56. Carl Jeavons

    A very comfortable, supportive and sturdy insole.

  57. Paul

    So comfortable! Perfect fit they do precisely what i need them to do. I have been using them 3 days and can feel the difference. I will be ordering more next month. Happy to recommend them to anyone who needs orthotics insoles. Keep up the great quality Foot Logics.

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