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Ways you might be hurting your joints

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Ways you might be hurting your joints

Are You Hurting Your Joints?

Really, you need to ask yourself this question right now! There are habits that expose our joints to damage and wear and tear. We don’t even know that we are harming them until the worst has happened. Joint problems don’t have to be evident nor have they really to prove that they exist by causing you any kind of pain. You could be hurting your joints unintentionally and unwillingly and may not even notice until some unfortunate incidence like twisting your ankle or rupturing your knee or inflaming your elbow brings your attention to them. Following are some of the very obvious ways you could be harming your joints:

Are You Carrying Extra Body Weight?

Your joints have to do heavy lifting literally when you are overweight or obese. Your joints link your bones together and become overly sensitive to heavy load. Do you know that every additional 1 pound puts 4 pounds of pressure on your knees? You also end up straining your feet, hips and back. So, start now by making changes in your life to reduce your body weight if you want to prevent any more wear and tear to your joints and stop the ongoing damage to your hands, lower back, knees and neck.

Do You Text Too Much?

We all use computers in our daily work. We also use our smartphones. Do you realize how much stress we’re causing our fingers? If you haven’t heard of the ‘texting thumb,’ know that it is a real thing. Your tendons may get irritated and your thumbs may get locked in a curled position due to much typing. Needless to mention your head and neck would suffer from strain and sprains if you continue with this habit without taking a break.

Quit Wearing High Heels

Sporting high heels looks good but it doesn’t feel good and you can’t deny that. The higher your heels rise, the more strain they cause on your feet as your weight gets tipped forward. The twisting force in your knees goes high as your heels move up. This put more stress on your knees and increases the risk of osteoarthritis

Say No To Wrong Shoes

Don’t keep on wearing old and worn-out shoes. They are just not capable of supporting your feet and ankles. This way you are putting more stress on your knees, hips, and back. If you wear high quality and well cushioned shoes, you can protect your ankles from pain, sprains and inflammation. These were just a few things that we threw light upon but we’re sure you already knew about them. If you are habitual to them, it’s time to rethink and try to eliminate them with time if you want healthier joints.