Morton’s Neuroma
Morton Neuroma
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Morton's Neuroma

Morton's Neuroma is similar to Metatarsalgia. It is the 'squeezing' of the nerve that is located between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal bones. A neuroma is a minor tumor of a nerve. Morton's Neuroma on the other hand is not actually a tumor. It is a thickening or swelling of the tissue surrounding the digital nerve that leads to your toes.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Numbness in toes
  • Tingling sensation in the toes
  • Immense burning pain in the ball of your foot moving towards your toes
  • Pain worsens with activity
  • Little to no pain early in the day, but you may start to feel it as the day progresses and you engage in activities
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It is also called plantar neuroma and it may occur due to

  • Response to irritation, injury or pressure
  • Wearing high-heeled or tight-fitting shoes
  • Abnormal mechanics of the foot or over-pronation which is the collapsing of your feet’s arch and resultant lowering of the forefoot structure
  • High-impact athletic activities
  • Any kind of repetitive trauma to your feet

Inserts & Other Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

  • Resting your feet
  • Changing to better-fitting shoes
  • Taking over-the-counter medications that reduce inflammation and relieve pain
  • Orthotics

Opting for orthotics to relieve pressure and pain from your feet

You can get orthotics pre-made or molded to fit the curves and contours of your feet

Mortons Neuroma

In case of severe or persistent pain your doctor may suggest the following

  • Cortisone injection

This is a steroid medication injection that may reduce pain and inflammation. However, overuse of cortisone can lead to a number of side effects and other problems later in life. Do consult your doctor before opting for such an extreme solution.

Potential cortisone side effects

  • Weight gain
  • Thinning of bones
  • High blood pressure
  • Cataracts
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Your doctor may suggest removal of the outgrowth surgically to relieve inflammation and pain.

Why Footlogics?

FootlogicsVersa are perfect for women who have developed this pain due to long years of wearing high heeled fashion shoes. These help reduce the symptoms of Morton's Neuroma significantly.

Orthotic Insoles Provide Support

These provide support to your forefoot and also prevent the metatarsals from dropping down. In the process the squeezing of the nerve is reduced while the tingling sensation and pain associated with Morton's Neuroma are relieved considerably.

Morton's Neuroma can also occur in people who wear normal, flat shoes. Therefore Footlogics Metatarsalgia is the most recommended orthotics insole for people who wear flat shoes, boots or athletic footwear. The built-in metatarsal support helps lift your forefoot bone structure that reduces the excess pressure and friction on the metatarsal bones and relieves the ligament and nerves surrounding it.

Inserts for Morton’s Neuroma

At Footlogics we offer a number of inserts for Morton’s Neuroma treatment. These discrete and simple products slip easily into the user’s preferred set of closed-toe shoes, and offer effective and lasting relief from the pain and discomfort that can be experienced when suffering from Morton’s Neuroma.

These inserts also help to prevent other injuries and health conditions that can be caused by wearing poorly fitted footwear, such as sore and aching knees or back problems.

Mortons Neuroma Insoles

Morton’s Neuroma Insoles

Footlogics is the name to remember when searching for a premium range of professionally designed and manufactured Morton’s Neuroma insoles.

We offer a range of products to ensure that customers can select the insoles that will provide the best and most noticeable relief from the pain and discomfort they experience. Our insoles will allow users to break free from the limitations of foot pain, and get back to do what they love. Contact Footlogics today to learn more.