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Recommended orthotic insoles for Diabetic Foot

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The Diabetic Foot – Can Orthotics Help?

Diabetes makes it important for you to be aware of proper foot care because many diabetics develop foot problems. These are a result of a combination of causes such as poor circulation and neuropathy. Diabetic Neuropathy is a primary cause of insensitivity or loss of ability to feel pain, and hot and cold temperatures. Diabetics plagued with neuropathy easily develop minor cuts, scrapes, bruises, and blisters, or the very common pressure sores. Symptoms such as poor shoe fitting, excessive pressure and friction on the feet often go unnoticed. Left untreated these minor issues can result in major complications that may lead to ulceration and even amputation! Neuropathy is also a major cause of deformities such as bunions, hammer toes and Charcot Foot.

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Shoe Fitting – Why Is The Proper Fit So Critical?

Shoes that fit properly help you avoid friction, stress and pressure sores. Optimal support can only be ensured if and when your shoes match the length and width of your feet. It should also provide appropriate heel contours. Apart from this make sure that there are no obtrusive seams or stitches that cause rubbing and chafing against your feet. Your doctor will prescribe therapeutic footwear if you’re a diabetic suffering from any existing foot condition. This footwear shall be fitted by a qualified pedorthist. Several private health funds cover a part or all of the cost associated with special diabetic footwear.

Orthotic Insoles

Are They A Cure For Diabetic Foot Problems?

You will not require any customized diabetic footwear but a diabetic insole that can be fitted into your shoes to prevent foot conditions from worsening or developing from the start. Yes, these products focus more on prevention and can save hundreds of your dollars.

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Diabetic orthotics does not let pressure sores from developing due to friction inside your shoe. Over-pronation is a common contributing cause for excess friction and pressure on your foot. Over-pronation (it is the rolling in of your foot and flattening of its arches) causes the feet to function poorly and generates friction under the ball of your foot, on the outside of your big toe joint and on top of your toe joints. Orthotics prevents over-pronation and also evenly distributes your body weight over the entire foot, thus reducing friction and pressure.

A layer of Plastazote© covers these special diabetic insoles as it is the material of choice for many podiatrists. Plastazote© conforms quickly to your foot, providing it with a glove like fit that limits rubbing and prevents potential blister or even ulcer formation. These can be custom-made or store-bought but either way don’t forget to see overleaf for more information.


Caring For Your Feet If You Are Diabetic

  • Inspect your feet daily
  • Look for any sores, swollen areas, skin discoloration, cuts and blisters
  • Use a mirror to examine the soles of your feet
  • Maintain foot hygiene - wash them with warm water and a mild soap. Dry with care, especially between your toes
  • Use lotion over dry skin, but never between your toes (use foot powder instead)
  • Trim your toenails regularly
  • Change your socks or stockings every day
  • Avoid tight elastic socks. Go for seamless, fitted socks instead
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Footlogics sensi – The Right Orthotics For Diabetes

FootlogicsSensi orthotics is developed by leading podiatrists, and is shaped to accurately compliment the plantar surface (underside) of your feet. It evenly distributes the force generated while walking to protect the sensitive areas of your feet from excess pressure and friction.

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Orthotics supports your feet and works to align them back into their natural position. The medical-grade Plastazote© top layer prevents any kind of allergies and also provides maximum cushioning.

People with diabetes consider FootlogicsSensi the ideal footbed for their ailing feet as it also provides excellent comfort while walking for people stricken with arthritis and sensitive feet.