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Inserts for Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are a very common foot problem in the USA, with millions of people suffering each year. Fortunately, for most people, there's an effective and affordable treatment solution to this painful foot condition. Here at Footlogics, we offer a range of shoe inserts designed for heel spurs.


If you experience pain in the heel when you first get up in the morning, you might be suffering from heel spurs. This sharp pain often subsides into a duller ache, which persists throughout the day. After sitting down for an extended period, the stabbing pain will occur again in the front or bottom of your heel.

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What causes a heel spur to develop?

Heel spurs are growths that occur on the bone in your heel, known as the calcaneus. The growth itself is harmless, but it leads to inflammation of the surrounding tissue, which causes the discomfort and pain you experience.

Heel spurs often develop in the first place due to Plantar Fasciitis, which is an irritation of the Plantar Fascia ligament. This ligament stretches all the way from the calcaneus to your toes. Excess weight, improper foot movement, and significant stress are all factors that can stretch and tear the Planta Fascia, leading to Plantar Fasciitis.

The ongoing stress of Plantar Fasciitis can contribute to the growth of heel spurs because the Plantar Fascia attaches at the heel bone. The Fascia ligament first lengthens and stretches when you take your first steps for the day. This is why the inflammation from heel spurs causes a sharp stabbing pain when getting out of bed or walking after an extended period of rest.

Risk factors for heel spurs include:

  • Pregnancy or being overweight
  • Continually walking or standing on hard surfaces
  • Flattening of the arch (over-pronation)
  • Tightness in the calf muscles
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Inserts for heel spur treatment and pain and relief (and other effective methods)

Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs can be treated with simple, non-surgical methods. The most common heel spur relief solutions are:

  • Rest, avoid prolonged activity, such as walking, running and sports
  • Ice, apply ice for only 5 minutes, allowing the inflammation to cool down
  • Weight loss
  • Stretching exercises - click here to view an Exercise Program
  • A low-cost orthotic shoe insert
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The most effective solution to heel spurs is to treat the cause of the problem by correcting abnormal foot mechanics. This can be achieved with orthotic insoles.

Developed by Australian podiatrists, Footlogics orthotics control over-pronation and support the arches. They help release the tension on the plantar fascia, thereby treating the cause of Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs. Additionally, a soft shock-absorbing heel pad helps reduce the impact on the painful heel, providing added relief and walking comfort.

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Inserts for Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are an uncomfortable yet common condition. They are a good example of how wearing incorrect footwear or ignoring issues and problems elsewhere in the foot or ankle can lead to more significant health issues down the line.

At Footlogics, we want our customers to be able to walk comfortably and confidently, which is why we offer a range of inserts specifically designed for heel spur treatment. These effective and durable inserts give the foot the natural support and cushioning that it is missing, and allow for better pain management. Contact Footlogics today to learn more about our available inserts for heel spurs.