Orthotics for Tired, aching feet/sensitive feet

For people with sensitive feet, Footlogics Sensi offers great relief by providing excellent cushioning and mild arch support. For some people regular arch support is too much and a softer solution is required. If you suffer from tired, aching feet Footlogics Versa can be very helpful. Footlogics comes with a 90-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee.


How Footlogics helps with tired, aching or sensitive feet..

We all at some point in our lives have experienced pain, sensitivity and tiredness in our feet. Many of us complain about constantly tired and aching feet. This is common especially after we have stood working or have been walking for long periods of time or even gone out for shopping with our friends. As we age, these painful episodes become more prolonged and frequent.


Primary Causes for Tired and Aching Feet


Fallen Foot

Fallen foot arches or over-pronated/flat feet as they are called in medical terms may cause fatigue in your feet. The person has to use more energy when they walk which results in greater exhaustion at the end of the day.


Daily Activities

Again like stated earlier, strenuous walking and/or standing for long periods of time also cause tiredness among factors such as ill fitting or poorly padded shoes, small or constricting/tight socks or stockings and also tight garters. This results in reduced blood circulation to your ankles and feet.



The naturally thick/fatty pad on our soles begins to thin as we age and along with that our feet also begin to widen and flatten further.



By nature women are at a much higher risk of contracting severe foot pain than men are. This is especially true for women who wear high-heeled and constricting shoes. Also pregnant women develop higher risk of aching feet due to weight gain.


Orthotics - The Ideal Treatment for Tired and Aching Feet


Footlogics Orthotic Insoles and other foot care products are ideal for you if you are looking for long lasting relief from this pain and tiredness in your feet. These provide you the arch support that is needed to prevent any more pain and tiredness in your already aching feet.


If you want your orthotics treatment for tired and aching feet to be most effective wear them for as long as possible and while doing all kinds of demanding activities such as walking, running or standing for ling hours. Footlogics orthotic insoles also help in correcting over-pronation, which in turn provides natural and long lasting pain relief to your entire lower body as well.


Remember, foot pain and tiredness are quite common and can very well be a result of several underlying serious problems. Begin their treatment regardless of the cause and you can start by using more accommodating footwear and investing in high quality shoe inserts which are more than helpful. Some of the most commonly used foot care products are Metatarsal Pads, Heel Wedges, Arch Supports and Gel Heel Cups.


Conceived in Australia, Footlogics is a renowned brand involved in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality orthotic shoe inserts. Countries like Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and many regions of South-East Asia are using Footlogics orthotics. Products by Footlogics are of the highest quality and are meant to provide the wearer maximum comfort.