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Full-length slim-line orthotic, designed to fit most women’s shoes. Effective relief from heel pain, ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia) and Morton’s Neuroma, or tired, aching feet.

  • premium quality medical-grade orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists
  • provides relief from common complaints such as heel pain, ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia), Morton’s Neuroma, tired, aching feet and legs
  • now available at AMAZON – please click here
  • controls ‘excess pronation’, excellent support for flat feet/low arches
  • slim-line design, ideal for women’s footwear including ballerinas, sandals, boots etc flat or with a low or medium-high heel. Almost invisible in open shoes
  • firm, ‘cobra’ shape outer shell for biomechanical control + cushionig PU layer for comfort
  • Price: $34.95 per pair
  • FREE standard shipping across the USA
  • 90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy
  • Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on (855) 372-3729

52 reviews for Footlogics Versa

  1. Betty C

    Purchased these and they arrived in 1 day. So far I have only worn them once, and found they made a lot of difference to the comfort of my flats. They relieved the discomfort from neuromas significantly.

  2. Irene C

    I’ve just received my flip flops and Versa insoles in the mail. I had to order the men’s flip flops, as I have wide feet, they fit perfectly. The Versa insoles were too narrow, so I called your number, and you were very helpful. You’re sending me the Casual 3/4 insoles as replacement, and suggested that I pass my Versas on to a friend for no extra fee! How kind! None of my friends have large narrow feet, so I’m returning the Versas anyway. I rarely experience such wonderful after-sale service. Thank you.

  3. Jo

    I have Morton’s Neuroma in 1 foot & the pain can be like walking on a dagger some days. I recently bought the Versa orthotics & wear them in my walking shoes. They were delivered very quickly & are soft & slimline & i can already tell they are helping me walk without my feet rolling inwards. I went for a long walk & honestly felt comfortable with no pain. I am so pleased to have found this product as I was about to buy very expensive orthotics. Thanks you Footlogics!

  4. Nicole

    These are awesome, they fit nicely into nearly all of my shoes, and give great arch support. No more clunky orthodic shoes for me! Was able to wear my shoes all day without any pain.

  5. Ivanna

    I recently purchased a pair. Unfortunately they were on the last pair which was also used as demo pair. They sent this pair explaining this then sent a new pair from their newly arrived stock. Am very impressed with their customer service. I’m really happy with the orthotics.

  6. Anna

    Everyone should own Footlogics insoles!! They relieve tired and painful feet. And if you’re lucky enough not to have either, they will probably prevent problems later on. I have purchased these insoles last year when I was having metatarsal pain. They didn’t fit into most of my shoes apart from sneakers with removable insoles. Recently, I’ve had rather crippling metatarsal pain again due to lots of walking. I’ve taken these out again and have also purchased new shoes, half a size bigger to accommodate insoles. Magic! Foot pain immediately resolved! Now I have at least 7 pairs, as well as the wonderfully supportive flip flops (even better arch support than the insoles!). My favourites are the Metatarsalgia and Versa. The former for more roomy sneakers and Versa for slimmer sneakers. They fit into most sneakers with removable insoles, though I’ve had to go up half a size to be able to fit the thicker sport insole, which is the most supportive of the insoles in the Footlogics range. Personally, I find the full length works better than 3/4 length versions (I have the 3/4 Metatarsalgia and Catwalk as well). But since we are all different (foot anatomy, footwear, preferences), the most useful advice I can give is to try a few pairs to find what works best for you. You may need a few different types to go in different shoes. The value, quality, effectiveness and customer service is unbeatable. Very grateful and have recommended to family and friends. Thank you!!

  7. Elizabeth L.

    Great product, just the right amount of support and comfort.

  8. Charlene A

    Absolutely love this product! No more aching feet after a long day at work. Thanks so much!

  9. Vineta

    Love them! These fit in all my shoes and my foot pain is GONE! Thankyou so much.

  10. Morgan

    Footlogics team, I’m a Physiotherapist and absolutely love your orthotics – I recommend them to all my clients. I use these in my work flats and they work a treat – really minimalize my flat feet / pronated arches and ankle stiffness on a day to day basis. Great work – keep it up!

  11. Natasha

    It’s nice to wake up if a morning with out super sore feet. I have issues in both feet from Morton’s neuroma and this product has definitely helps ease the pain.

  12. Catherine N

    After thinking my walking days were over due to foot pain I discovered this website and decided to try them before investing in very expensive orthotics. What a difference they have made! I no longer have pain when walking so my quality of life is vastly improved. I have these now in most of my shoes. Just by looking at the incredible side wear on the heels my old ugg boots compared with my present ones with no wear, make me realize just how much they have adjusted my feet. I do now buy my shoes a half size bigger to accommodate the insoles and I always try them out in the shop. Thank you footlogics!

  13. Anne W

    My experience with footlogics was great. I’ve only been wearing the orthotics for a couple of days and can’t believe the difference they’re made to my comfort. I believe I’ll be soon going for LONG walks again. I’ve already recommended them to my friends.

  14. Susi F

    I have bought a few items from Footlogics over the past few years and they never disappoint – Quality products and I also love the speedy delivery and professional attention to detail. The Footlogics Versa is a great slim-fit insole but on the soft side, so perhaps more effective when not planning to do a lot of walking.

  15. Phoebe

    I decided to purchase two different pairs of Footlogics products after reading the good reviews. They are both amazing! I didn’t know how comfortable my boots can be, or should be, before Footlogics. The insoles really work. Highly recommend their products.

  16. Suzanne R.

    Footlogics are a game changer. I’ve suffered from heal spurs for years and this product has been much more beneficial than I’ve had before

  17. Laurie

    !!Excellent product and service!!

  18. Rbdfalkner

    Hi, I have just purchased another two pairs of Footlogics Versa, my podiatrist said they were the best for my feet, they are just fantastic. Also the service was excellent.

  19. Alice H

    Makes my ballet pumps much more comfortable

  20. Sue H

    Received within a week of ordering. These orthotics are so comfortable, I’ve not had any issues with no feet since I’ve been wearing Footlogic Orthotics

  21. Judy S

    These are great. While walking my feet are now straight ( not turning in) very happy thanks

  22. Ann Vic

    Footlogics VERSA. Love love love these insoles. They fit every type of shoe I have. Thanks you! Ann Vic

  23. Kelly

    Amazing!! Now I can walk pain free and interchange the insoles to any shoe they will fit. I cut them to size no problem at all!

  24. Jane C

    I can now wear my boot’s with these insoles.

  25. Susan B

    Love my inserts. I have plantar fasciitis and placed these into my low-heeled boots. They made the world of a difference and fit in perfectly. I removed the insole and placed the inserts in for a perfect fit and increased support for the arch. Amazing !

  26. Vicky M

    Comfortable, my chiro sells orthotics and thought the versas were good.

  27. Ann B

    Love these they help me with managing ongoing foot pain from mittens neuroma and plantar plate tear. I have even been able to get back into running with footlogics orthotics.

  28. Sandra R

    So far I am happy with the fast and efficient delivery of the product and the look of it. Have used only once and seems very comfortable. Have to get used to it and of course can’t fit in all my shoes as they don’t all have removable insoles.

  29. Marianne P

    Excellent orhotics that gave me instant relief from my metatarsalagia issues after plantar plate repair/surgery to foot. Before and after sale service always great too with Footlogics, very helpful staff. Thank you.

  30. Julie N

    Slim and feel good inside the boots I needed them in. Made all the difference between being able to wear my boots and not being able to wear them.

  31. Krystyna Krawczyk

    Purchased a pair of Versa, I just love them. As soon as I walked in my shoes fitted with these I felt such a comfortable stance in my feet and no pain. Will definitely buy more inserts for my other shoes .

  32. casscav65

    The versa footlogics are a great product. These are are very comfortable and help keep my heels supported in my shoes. Only been wearing for a week and have noticed a big difference. I was going to buy a pair of $220 shoes with orthotic insoles for work but then thought I would give these a try and they are every bit as good as the ones in the expensive shoes with the added benefit that I can place them in all the shoes I already own.Very happy 😊

  33. Lynne Slade

    Pleased with the insoles – they are comfortable. Fit perfectly in my shoes. I am a size 9 Shoe and the small size is great. Excellent support and comfort for someone on the run all day.

  34. Sarah

    Hi Footlogics team,

    I recently purchased the Footlogics Versa insole to wear inside my sandals to a wedding over the weekend, after I was recommended your insoles by my podiatrist.
    What an AMAZING product, I’m so happy I now have an orthotic to wear in my flats. Can’t wait to wear them all summer!!

    Thank you!!!!

  35. Matt

    omi7@tpg.com.au – 21/05/2021

    purchased 2 pairs of Footlogics Versa and Im so happy with them they fit well into my sandals and are so soft to wear. i already own a few pairs of the Footlogic Catwalk insoles and find them very good for my closed shoes

  36. Cheryl Robinson

    Brilliant support, very comfy under the arch. I will buy again.

  37. Leah

    I love these supports, they fit in all my flat shoes and give me instant relief from painful feet. I had got to the stage where I couldn’t wear my flat shoes anymore until I got these. Very comfortable!

  38. Kim

    I would highly recommend this product. It gave me support all day and had no pain. I did not have to break it in. The price is very affordable and well worth it.

  39. Leonie

    I bought these insoles to use in flat closed in shoes for work and find the support is great for the day as I currently have PF in my right foot. The Foot Logics products are so sturdy and helpful I’ve bought a variety of these products for my best friend who’s also suffering PF at the moment. Don’t think about them, order them!!

  40. Vicki

    Hi footlogics
    The versa footlogics are a great product. Only been wearing for a week and have noticed a big difference. Thank you to my doctor for recommending your product. Very happy

  41. Fiona

    i really find these quite comfortable straight away. the sizing is great for my boots and work shoes. Very happy.

  42. Elizabeth Fekete

    I found your website whilst searching for insoles for arch support and this product WOW! I wasn’t able to fit it in my work shoes but my low heeled casual boot, what a difference!! Really glad to have purchased this product.

  43. Susan Jacups

    really comfortable and easy to use
    I had an insole in my low boots, but switched to this one as so much more comfortable
    would recommend

  44. Nina

    Had very painful heels so start searching for insoles and sleepers. Those insoles are excellent, the pain disappear after 2 days of using the insoles. Highly recommend it. The price is right and fast delivery

  45. Patrica

    As these are so slim line and flexible, they work in so many more shoes than other arch support I’ve had.
    I like the longer arch support, and fore for support, compared to other orthotics and inbuilt support.
    Received them quickly too.

  46. Wendy

    I wish I had known about these Versa insoles 15 years ago. They could have saved me from many foot problems I had been having. Since putting them in my shoes (bought a few pairs for convenience) I can now wear my shoes which I haven’t been able to wear for years! I will be recommending them to everyone. Most shoes are not made or designed for foot health and these insoles solve this problem beautifully and easily. Hello fashion sandals again!Most shoes are not made or designed for foot health and these insoles solve this problem beautifully and easily. Hello fashion sandals again!

  47. Siobhan

    I researched online and found Footlogics. Tried them in my winter boots and wore all day. Will purchase more so I don’t have to move them between different footwear. You can cut them to the shape of your shoe. Wow what a difference in terms of reduced pain.

  48. Christine Wayne

    I purchased last week, been using two days now, in different shoes. Today my feet are much happier than yesterday. I think I will need to buy a higher arch pair as well. Great product.

  49. Adele Cella

    Just received these today very quick delivery. Been suffering from Metatarsalgia since doing lots of hiking for a month on & off. Found Footlogics online while researching relief options, so glad I did. Put them into my hiking sandals and for the first time in weeks my foot was pain free, even did some gardening for over an hour without any pain. Thanks so much, will be ordering flip flops next.

  50. Amy Trinh

    Great products, I had plantar faciitis, and bought from Footlogics, over a year ago, the PF orthotic insoles, wearing them within few weeks, my feet were feeling much better, and getting gradually better, in a short time, about a month, the pain was gone for good. I keep using the same insoles, they stay amazingly good, now I just need a thinner ones for regular use. I’m confident with the company good products.

  51. Cheryl

    I have a Morton’s Neuroma and with the extra walking due to Covid my foot was was becoming more painful. The podiatrist recommended orthotics to help with the condition. I organised the Footlogics orthotic ‘Versa ‘ . I have worn them daily since receiving them and I am so happy with the result. I would highly recommend this product. Thank you so much for the great service and product.

  52. Donna

    Great product works wonders for my feet

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