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  • Biomechanical Arch Support

    Biomechanical Arch Support

  • Developed by Podiatrists

    Developed by Podiatrists

  • Comfortable & Durable

    Comfortable & Durable

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Sports orthotic made of soft cushioning PU + firm outer shell. Helps prevent sports injuries like Achilles Tendonitis and Runner’s Knee

  •  high quality full-length sports orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists
  • provides relief for sports injuries like Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints and Runner’s knee
  • corrects over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet
  • designed to fit in running, walking shoes, cross-trainers, tennis and basketball shoes. Also suitable for hiking shoes and boots.
  • made of durable, cushioning P.U. and firm plastic TPU outer shell
  • shock-absorbing Gel heel and forefoot padding
  • deep heel cup, strong arch support and built-in metatarsal raise
  • orthotic can be trimmed to size with normal scissors
  • Price: $39.95 per pair
  • FREE standard shipping across the USA
  • 90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy
  • Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on (855) 372-3729

55 reviews for Footlogics Sports

  1. Casey N.

    My 10 year old has had crippling pain from severs disease. These inner soles have not cured it, but along with stretching and specific strengthening exercises has helped him get back to playing basketball. He says they take away the pain almost instantly. We now have 5 pairs, one for each pair of shoes!

  2. Cameron F.

    Great product I have used the inner soles for a number of years for both field sport , cross fit and just general walking. They have given me great pain relief in both knees.
    I couldn’t recommend the more strongly if you are getting a little long in the tooth. 😀😀

  3. Susan, M.

    I have these in every pair of shoes I wear. I bought my first set five years ago – I couldn’t be happier with them. And they arrived the day after I ordered them which is impressive service given they were coming from another state.

  4. John

    Certainly the best “off the shelf” orthotics I have used. As good as, if not better than, podiatrist made orthotics I have had. Saved me heaps!

  5. Linda

    This is my third pair and ordered two more, one for my husband too! They absolutely are so supportive for my collapsed arch and allow me to feel more comfortable in my shoes. Very well made and can highly recommend them. Very fast shipping which is a bonus. Thank you Footlogics!

  6. Giai

    Bought this pair just about 4 weeks ago & it’s fantastic. As I pronate on my left foot which caused soreness and discomfort with my left ankle for over a year now. Due to the symptoms decided to go to a specialist & got charged for a pair of orthotics 3 times this price & didn’t last beyond 4 weeks as I played 3 – 4 time of tennis weekly! Delivery was next day, unbelievable but appreciated as I got to wear & use them immediately to help with my pronation. Will definitely buy again & highly recommended!

  7. Tim P

    I’ve been using the Footlogics Sports in my runners for around ten years now. I first tried them after decades of Achilles tendon injuries and chronic pain leading to a number of operations to try and fix a shredded tendon. I even had to give up running which I found traumatic as any committed runner would know. It got to a point where I couldn’t even walk to the bus stop without inflaming my Achilles. Now with ten years running pain free under my belt I have nothing but total gratitude to the Footlogics products. I’ve now got my wife using them to fix her sore knees and she’s having similar sensational results.

  8. Richard

    Excellent. Have had issues with my tendons and ligaments which has restricted my movements and ability to walk and play golf. Together with a few simple exercises and these orthotics, I am now fully mobile again. Strongly recommended.

  9. Kristie H

    Thank-you for your amazing product. As I’m a Gym Instructor I wear Runners most days & this has really helped with some chronic leg & gluteal pain. I would highly recommend this product & the fast, efficient & ease of transaction from start to finish. Thank-you!!!

  10. John

    I use footlogics insoles regularly. These are my first pair for runners and I just started using them so time will tell if they offer some comfort to my knees. If history repeats itself they will be as awesome as my regular sets.. Also the online experience is seamless. Delivery was also speedy. Well done.

  11. Paula G

    I have done 1 run in my new sports insoles. And my foot didn’t get sore. So very happy. I have arthritis in my foot and it normally aches throughout my run. I should however have trimmed them a bit more to fit in my shoes as my feet swelled after 40kms. Definitely going to buy more.

  12. Garry H

    In addition to these orthotics which I’ve used for a number of years, I have now purchased a pair of flip flops and the Kirra sandals. Living in Saudi Arabia and Spain means I spend an enormous amount of time in slip-on shoes. Footlogics support is sensational – with them having spared no amount of effort to ensure I receive my orders promptly and efficiently, even though I’m overseas! Garry Hall

  13. Mark H

    I wear orthotic insoles in my hiking boots. I bought the Footlogic Sports online. Easy website to navigate. Their courier service very fast. Product is best insole I have bought. Exceptional comfort and perfect arch support in my hiking boots. Highly recommended A++ Will definitely purchase again. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  14. Kristian

    This is a great product and helps me a lot for my daily running/walking activities. I’ll definitely get another pair in the future.

  15. Richard L

    Excellent insoles with very good support. I might start running seriously again. Very fast delivery and excellent service

  16. Darren

    Excellent product. Soft, supportive and durable. Nothing better on the market

  17. Cliff L

    I have now purchased several insoles from Footlogics, and am very happy with all products. Comfortable, supportive & durable. All items were delivered swiftly. Highly recommend.

  18. Jon V

    Excellent product. Not my first purchase of Footlogics as I use these everyday. An addition to another pair of shoes.

  19. Adam

    I’ve been using these insoles for about a week. The area in the arch is very stiff compared to what I’m used to so it will take a little bit more time to determine whether this arch style is beneficial. I’ll be conducting runs using them over the coming weeks. Currently they are being used for work where I’m on my feet for most of the day, after a few hours I barely notice to the arch. So far so good.

  20. Honorata

    I love these soles. I wear them all day long. Very comfortable, supportive and well priced item. Thank you Footlogic team for an amazing product.

  21. Chris k

    Great product for the whole family right here! Properly designed and proper quality.

  22. Joanne D

    Have a few foot issues and the foot logics sports allows me to walk long distances & support my feet & toes

  23. Daniel M

    Quick delivery , items arrived well packaged and promptly. The soles have good support and quality is good. For me they fit into shoe without any modifications/ trimming. Comfortable and don’t even know I have any insoles in my shoe while walking or running . I’ll see how they last 3-6 months of use , but so far so good.

  24. Melinda

    I’ve been buying these for all my sneakers since 10 years ago,, they last for years and are solid support. Such a steal

  25. Orna C

    Wow, what can I say. These orthotics are amazing. I looked it up on a facebook running page and so many people wrote how good it was for the plantar fasciitis. Which is what i had for the first time last year. So I got 2 pairs. and MY feet felt great. so I got 2 More. I told my mom and got her 2 as well. Now I have new runners so will get 2 more. I just hope footlogic doesn’t think I am buying so many to sell privately . I promise , they are all for me. LOL

  26. John P

    I first purchased this product seven years ago to assist overcome my plantar fasciitis diagnosis, and have not parted with them since. Every one of my shoes has a tailored Footlogics insole, whether for running, in my work shoes, or for general use.

  27. Cameron F

    I have used the inner soles for a number of years for both field sport , cross fit and just general walking. They have given me great pain relief in both knees.
    I couldn’t recommend the more strongly if you are getting a little long in the tooth. 😀😀

  28. Hanh H

    I have been using Footlogics COMFORT for years. Now changed to Footlogics SPORTS to get more support when more exercise added to the day. Always happy with the product. Great customer service and very fast delivery.

  29. Julie O

    I have plantar fasciitis and with these in I have NO pain and they are so soft under my heel unlike my custom made ones. I love them.

  30. Annabel M

    Now have enough for every pair of shoes. No more aching feet. Excellent product. Incomparable customer service and turnaround times.

  31. John D

    Great product – I’ve been using them in my exercise shoes for a number of years to stop heel pain.

  32. Paul C

    These are very supportive and fit in my running shoes very well. They have certainly alleviated some of my tendinitis pain making it easier to exercise more that I could before.

  33. Sharon

    Purchased these for my husband with Archilles pain. They have given him relief instantly. They also fit very well into running shoes.

  34. Jodie

    These orthotics are absolute game changers! Incredibly impressed with the quality of the orthotics and the support they give me during workouts like tennis or going for a jog. I purchased the Sports inserts for Womens 7.5 – 9 and I usually take a size 8/40 for my shoes. The sizing was perfect and I have been really enjoying them so far. Happy to be rid of shin splints and foot pain. Will definitely purchase again and highly recommend.

  35. Steph C

    Brilliant!!! Have been using these orthotics in my running shoes with great success. Very easy to fit and adjust. Service and delivery has always been prompt. These are the most supportive pair, in that they are much thicker and more cushiony.

  36. Charlene McAliney

    Charlene McAliney – 21/05/2021

    Omg how Iove this product! I can run with no shin splints or sore feet afterwards. Thanks so much I can’t express enough how much these orthotics have helped me train harder and faster!

  37. Tim

    Great value

  38. Helen Thomas

    Arrived within 2 days and it honestly feels like I have new feet. They have made a huge difference. Will be buying more!

  39. Victoria

    I’m really so thrilled I purchased these insoles.
    I have supremely painful arches and I couldn’t find shoes or insoles that helped.The shipping was lightning fast.
    I placed the order on Wednesday at 1:56pm and received them on Thursday at 10:00am. I had free shipping as I purchased this pair and the comfort pair. Probably the fastest shipping I have ever received!
    They make walking virtually painless and my overpronation seem like a non-issue. Its only been a week but I have really enjoyed exercising with these insoles. Such a great price for orthotics too!
    I have zero regrets and only wish I did this sooner

  40. Andrew Becker

    Great product, I’ve had issues with pronation and with these I have been running pain free with good form and about 60-100km a week, I’ve even started using some neutral shoes with these insoles and they work great. Can’t imagine a pair of running shoes without them. Super fast delivery.

  41. susie

    Great quality, perfect fit and comfortable from the first wear. Was in need of good arch support etc following surgery on an ankle fracture and post joint inflammation that was causing multiple foot/knee/hip issues. These are helping me make a much more comfortable return to the runners track! Plus lightening fast service. I blinked and they were in the post. Thanks!

  42. Dave

    I’ve had lateral knee pain that has taken 6 months to heal from too much running. Did a couple of runs and got the pain back. Did lots of research and decided to try these inserts. First run was 5k and I have no knee pain. I’ll take it easy but am cautiously optimistic that I’ve fixed the problem with these inserts.

  43. Lisa Chivers

    An excellent product which has given new life to my runners and also made them so much more comfortable. I do have a pair of custom orthotics but I found that they didn’t sit in my shoes properly. The Footlogics Sports orthotic have definitely helped and I don’t feel any marketable difference between these and their more expensive counterpart.

  44. megan

    So comfortable and supportive. I contacted Footlogics for advice and the customer service was amazing!! Best yet. I also received my order in less then a day which in covid times and living in victoria I was so amazed and pumped to get them so quickly. Thank you so much for all the help and comfort. I will be back

  45. Rob Taylor

    This is my second purchase in the space of a week, previously got the “comfort” insoles, now the sports ones so I can keep them in my trainers – again great product and excellent customer service.
    I don’t know how they get them to Victoria so quickly.

  46. Hamish Waters

    I have bought these orthotics many times and they are comfortable having suffered Plantar Fasciitis previously. I find they suit my needs better than other brands

  47. Jo Seery

    I have bought these inserts for a few years now and they have lasted well and I am confident that they are doing a great job for my feet as I have no pain when using them. I have them in neay all my shoes

  48. Paul Cullen

    Yes, they deliver the required support support as advertised. I play many, many games a season as a veteran cricketer and have found the cushioning and stability when bowling is really noticeable. It is a good product for the price. delivery was expeditious and I would certainly recommend Footlogics to teammates.

  49. Jacquilene

    Bought these my sons school shoes and runners after months of pain with severs. Along with initial massage these orthotics have assisted in managing our sons problem. The orthotics are whole shoe, simple to use by replacing existing shoe inner sole. The result has been great and our son is able to run again.

  50. Stephen Mitchell

    This is my 1st pair of the sport insoles. I have previously had my feet plastered and moulds taken for my orthotics which is very expensive. I had now been wearing these insoles and they are fantastic. Much more cost effective.

  51. Luke Johnston

    I over pronate and suffer from sore hips on longer runs. After using these insoles I’ve been pain free. Very happy with them!

  52. Sheila Elwell

    I’ve spent a fortune at podiatrist. The plaster cast with 3-5 follow up visits once the orthodic is produced to tweak it to feel tolerable!! I have artificial knees, over pronation. and flat feet from bad knees. After two doctors I was desperate enough to try anything.. The Foot logic’s sports orthodic has done the trick! My feet, knees and back aren’t screaming at me anymore! Amazing! I just ordered three more pair for all my shoes

  53. Kim

    A few weeks in & they definitely seem to help my partner having them in his workboots. Super fast delivery & excellent quality. Thank you for the wonderful service!

  54. Jennie

    Put these in my badminton shoes for extra cushioning. Very happy with them. I am a standard female size 7 and the 5.5-7 were a perfect fit. Fast delivery. A++++

  55. Qj

    Purchased to help with my shin splints caused by low arches. Seems to be working great so far.

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