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Highly cushioning orthotic insoles for extra comfort and shock-absorption.

  •  high quality full-length shock-absorbing orthotic developed by Australian podiatrists
  • provides relief for common foot complaints including Plantar Fasciitis, Ball of foot pain , Achilles Tendonitis, tired/aching feet
  • also suitable for people who supinate (feet & ankles rolling outwards) + people with high arches
  • designed to fit in walking shoes, joggers etc. Also suitable for hiking shoes and work boots.
  • made of highly cushioning P.U. and flexible plastic T.P.U. outer shell
  • shock-absorbing gel heel and forefoot padding
  • high arch support and metatarsal raise
  • orthotic can be trimmed to size with normal scissors
  • Price: $39.95 per pair
  • FREE standard shipping across the USA
  • 90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy
  • Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on (855) 372-3729

38 reviews for Footlogics Performance

  1. Eddy C

    Whoa! these sole inserts really lived up to better than expectation. My wife notice the result almost straight away, not only it addresses her months of long relentess foot heel pain but she no longer complaints of her on-going lower back pain which, led me to believe the her back and foot heel pain experienced were linked. Thank you Mr Footlogics for saving her so much discomfort and pain!!!

  2. Thomas B

    I have had ongoing chronic heel problems in both feet for 10 years now and seen many podiatrists who fitted me with custom made orthotics. None of them have fixed the issue and some even made the issues worse. These inserts have helped me immensely along with proper footwear and stretching. Its not the silver bullet but its pretty close. Richard helped me with his advice along the way which I really appreciate.

  3. tyson h

    The whole process of ordering and receiving the new insoles was flawless. I have been wearing them for quite a bit of time now and my feet are feeling like they are getting support and rest from my daily grind as a tradesman. I say to all thinking about buying insoles to just give the Footlogics insoles a go !

  4. Thiago

    I couldn’t believe how fast they were delivered!!! I bought two pairs and within 2 days it came! Richard attached the wedges for free as promised!! Nothing to complain so far. The insoles looks pretty and good quality.

  5. S.S

    Excellent quality, fast shipping. Highly recommend.

  6. Sozos P

    Excellent! I got these Performance initially and were perfect for my hiking boots but a little narrow towards the front, so the lovely staff of Footlogics exchanged them with the Sports version which are slightly wider towards the front. Excellent product and thanks for great service. Well done.

  7. Brooke

    Amazing. Will only buy foot logic.

  8. Gregory B

    The PERFORMANCE insoles are terrific for my high arch feet. I’ve now walked 3 rounds of 18 hole golf and the difference between these insoles and the “sport” model from Costco Pharmacies is miles apart. It is not just the arch support but also the metatarsal support that seems to make a real difference. My knees are pain free and hips in a much better condition after walking 3 x 12miles a days over a hilly soft course. Customer service was magic, when making phone enquiries I actually spoke to the designer of the insoles and his guidance is spot on. Delivery was 24hrs after order – even in covid times! I’ll order be ordering more.

  9. Jane C

    I am really happy with these – they have transformed my bowls shoes from ones that give me constant pain to ones that i can wear all day.

  10. Callum D

    I’d purchased Scarpa’s top model of hiking boot to replace the previous pair I’d had for 10 years or so, expecting them to feel exactly as they previously had (once equipped with aftermarket insoles), alas the new model had totally different (and severely lacking) arch support…I almost had to do away with these boots after trying several other insoles to correct the issue… none sufficed, until I discovered but Footlogics’ ‘Performance’ model…night and day difference, thanks guys!

  11. Michelle

    These inserts have been a life saver! I bought a pair of merrel hiking shoes which I couldn’t wear because I got intense backache after wearing them once on a 4kmile walk. I’m 43 and I walk around 4-8miles a day. I didn’t wear the hiking shoes for 6 months but the lower back ache still continued as well as sciatica at times. Finally decided maybe I’m not getting enough support in my shoes. I’ve used these inserts for my daily walks over the past 2 weeks and my back ache is completely gone! I can’t believe I’ve been struggling with the lower back pain for so long and that I didn’t get these earlier. What you don’t know you don’t know. These inserts are excellent quality and give me all the support I need. I will def purchase more from footlogics. Also the delivery was super quick! Thx very much for the outstanding service and product.

  12. Mario R

    Very happy with this excellent transaction, expert advice was given to select correct orthotic, which was delivered very quickly !

  13. Alex

    Great customer service all round and the shipping was so quick! I received the insoles within a day of ordering them. So far they are extremely comfortable and I can feel the added support for my supination. Highly recommended!

  14. Laurie

    Excellent product and service. As described.

  15. Anne R

    Excellent insoles! I purchased these recently on my physiotherapist’s advice and what an amazing difference they have made to my daily walks. I supinate on one side only and was getting excruciating pain up my calf muscle – I felt like I had torn a ligament. Started using these innersoles about 2 weeks ago and the pain has gone and I can feel I am now walking with much better alignment. Great service and really fast postage too – thanks and I am singing the praises of foot logics.

  16. John H

    Great service, fast shipping and a quality product. I normally have custom orthotics, but also routinely wear a range of different shoes. I don’t like moving orthotics between shoes as it tends to damage them. Custom orthotics are expensive (I pay around $600 for an extra pair of custom orthotics and get back around half of this from health insurance) and undoubtedly not worth the expense when used in, say, cycling shoes which are subject to very little walking. The Footlogics Performance orthotics are almost identical to my custom orthotics and are ideal as “second” orthotics – and at around one tenth of the cost to me!

  17. Ellie

    Just a brilliant product. My advice to everyone? Don’t ignore your arches! The softness of these inserts really help with my PF too. Thank you!

  18. Sahan

    Great products I use for my clients for low cost alternatives to custom made orthoses

  19. Michelle

    I bought these as I have high arches and get pain on the lateral side of my feet when I walk for long distances. It gets so bad sometimes that I can’t continue walking as it feels like a blunt dagger is going through my feet and need to rest. I am currently on an overseas vacation and have been walking 20k steps a day with these insoles and I have had no pain in my feet! I would normally be in pain, so I am very pleased, and will be definitely repurchasing!

  20. Hanh N

    I have been using Footlogics COMFORT for years. Now changed to Footlogics PERFORMANCE to get more arch support when new job required more standing & walking. Always happy with the product. Great customer service and very fast delivery.

  21. Lilliah C

    Bought these to assist with supination problem – best thing I could have done. My sciatica pain had reduced and only had them a week. Highly recommended and great service.

  22. Stellina

    I’ve been buying these orthotics for many years now. They have greatly improved my foot and heel pain particularly given I’m on my feet all day.

  23. Carla A

    I had tried a couple of other brands but these were the only ones that gave me enough arch support for my average-high arches in a pair of shoes that were completely flat.

  24. Julie S

    So comfortable like a dream. I have a spur in one foot and walking has become impossible. But with these inserts I can still walk very comfortably it is such a relief.

  25. Christine M

    Just love these insoles. So comfy. Can be on your feet all day and no aches and pains. Love em.

  26. Wendy Y

    Good arch support, does the job as described; suits wide shoes.

  27. Theresa P

    These are perfect, very slim where I don’t need as much support and high arch support. Very comfortable and fit perfectly in size 7 women’s sneakers.

  28. Robert

    I have supination in one ankle and purchased these orthotic inner soles as an adjustment wedge attached to the underside of the inner sole was provided, at no cost. The inner sole is well made and the supination wedge works well. The service provided by the seller was excellent. Highly recommended.

  29. Brent H

    Excellent quality product. Have been using the Sports version for many years and just changed to the performance range. The team at Footlogics always provide such a great service. Very happy customer!

  30. Steve

    I ordered the Performance In Sole for hiking after an email exchange to determine which was appropriate. The order was express posted to me and arrived before I required it. The team was proactive to send via express post (no additional cost) as I’d indicated when I required the insoles for an upcoming hike. Service was beyond my expectations.

  31. Elodie

    The performance inserts have stopped my foot pain, my knees aren’t aching and feet don’t hurt at all. Sooooo worth it. Will buy more 😍

  32. Michael

    My pain was so intense, I had assumed I’d broken my feet. After talking through my issues, post medical consults and X-rays, with the folks at Footlogics , it was decided to go for the performance insoles. I thought I’d still be heading for a podiatrist- to my amazement I’m pain free -as long as I wear the insoles or the flip flops. I’ve since read more about review stating My pain was so intense, ordered my second set to lessen having to change out multiple shoes constantly( work boots/golf/home) Thanks Footlogics!

  33. Heather

    Great product! Significantly reduced my foot pain on long hikes. Tested them out on 1o mile walk and they were very comfortable and caused no rubbing or blisters.

  34. Susan

    I’ve used various Footlogics insoles over the years in my New Balance cross-trainers. These Performance insoles are the best so far. They hold my heels steady, reduce the outward roll of my ankles and firmly cradle my high arches. These are insoles working for me. When it comes to foot comfort, I believe you get what you pay for!

  35. Frank

    These are the second lot l have purchased to go into to my new work boots. The bottom of my shoes wear evenly which means they last longer before my next purchase but most importantly no more sore feet when l get out of bed and my work day and less tired during the day so l do recommend this product it surely works.

  36. Vanessa R

    Great product. These are comfortable and good quality.
    My old orthotics are hard plastic, and having feet that are sore from Fibromyalgia, RA, and high arches, I need the cushioning as well as good arch support. So far these are giving that.

  37. Troy Morton

    Great quality at a fair price

  38. George Begss

    The Performance insoles are terrific for my high arch feet. I’ve now walked 3 rounds of 18hole golf and the difference between these insoles and the “sport” gel insoles from my local chemist is miles apart. It is not just the arch support but also the metatarsal support that seems to make a real difference. My knees are pain free and hips in a much better condition after walking 3 x 12km days over a hilly soft course. Customer service was magic, when making phone enquiries I actually spoke to the designer of the insoles and his guidance is spot on. Delivery was 24hrs after order! I’ll order be ordering more. Regards – George

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90-day Money-Back-Guarantee

When you purchase Footlogics orthotics your walking comfort is guaranteed! If our product does not provide you with the level of comfort you expected, please return the goods within 90 days of purchase (with your receipt) and we will refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Even if you have worn the product for a while and/or have trimmed the insoles with scissors, you will still be able to receive a full refund. As soon as we have received the orthotics back from you, we debit your credit card or Paypal account.

Footlogics offers free shipping via USPS. Most packages are delivered in 2-3 business days, however, on occasion it could take 7-10 business days as exceptions apply and delivery time is not guaranteed. Our distribution centre is based in Ocean Springs, MS.

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