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Full-length orthotic for fallen arches, over-pronation and flat feet. Helps with heel pain, aching feet or legs, knee pain and lower back pain

  • developed by Australian podiatrists, TGA-approved (Therapeutic Goods Adminstration) under ‘Medical Devices’
  • provides relief for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), Ball of Foot pain, and other common foot complaints
  • now available on AMAZON – please click here
  • corrects over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet
  • fits in all types of lace-up shoes including joggers; also suitable for work boots
  • made of light-weight E.V.A. and cushioning Durapontex
  • shock-absorbing heel and forefoot padding
  • deep heel cup, strong arch support and built-in metatarsal raise
  • orthotic can be trimmed to size with normal scissors
  • Price: $32.95 per pair
  • FREE standard shipping across the USA
  • 90-day-money-back guarantee. Read Return & Refund Policy
  • Any questions? Please e-mail us. Or call us on (855) 372-3729

60 reviews for Footlogics Comfort

  1. Gayle

    These are comfortable and fit nicely into my shoes, I bought 2 pairs, one pair I had to trim which was very easy to do.

  2. Vivian Bishop

    I always try to buy shoes that already have arch support and provide comfort and support for my feet. However, I do have some that don’t already have these features so I wanted some orthotic insoles I could put in those shoes. I have previously tried the brand you can buy at pharmacies and supermarkets but was never impressed with the outcome and they cost more. Did some research and found Footlogics Comfort. Based on the reviews I decided to try them. Great product, comfortable to wear and well priced. Delivery was very quick. Will buy more as needed. Highly recommend.

  3. Yang Bai

    Nice insoles! I like them a lot, much more stable than the ones I bought from pharmacy, my feet seems pronating less. I suggest getting a few more pairs if works, do not put it in and out of different shoes, it could break the insoles quickly as the front part is quite thin.

  4. Charlene Evans

    Highly recommend, after years of being in pain can finally walk a lot more.

  5. Paul

    The best insoles i have ever had. I have flatter feet than a grizzly bear, I put them in my walking shoes and had an instsnt result. Very comfy . The pain in the top of my foot completely disappeared whilst walking. I will now order another pair for my work boots .

  6. Antonino

    Highly satisfied with my full-length orthotics purchase. They work exactly as described, fit into my shoes perfectly, are really supportive and comfortable. Still can’t believe how quickly my order was filled. Delivery at the door the very next day! Can’t beat that.

  7. Stephen Mitchell

    Great insoles for the price. I have them in all my shoes. The team is very helpful and I recommend them to everyone.

  8. Leisa G

    Better than my professionally made (and expensive) orthotics. Love them.

  9. Carlie Wright

    Wow! Ordered one day delivered the next. Awesome service. Inner sole is so comfortable . Have had them before. Lifesaver for the feet!

  10. Marcia Corderoy

    My new footlogic insoles feel very comfortable and supportive they have placed an old pair of custom made orthotics and have proved to be excellent.

  11. Mat

    A quality insole that provides comfort and supports the arch. I put them in with my RM Williams boots and they make the boots really manageable for a bloke my size.

  12. Andrina Smylie

    A great product, 3 of us in my family need arch supports to prevent rolling in. These are great, very happy with them, consistent quality and a fair price.

  13. Erin

    I’ve been suffering from bursitis in my hip that I suspected was due to my flat feet. It may be too early to tell but I haven’t had any pain since wearing these in-soles. Very happy customer and shipping was quick too despite Covid!

  14. Nigel

    I work in an underground mine; wearing flat footed mud boots for 12 hour shifts and unsurprisingly my knees get sore. I’ve been wearing these for a few weeks and with the correction to my overpronation with the arch support my knees are doing great!
    Highly recommended to anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.

  15. Rob T

    You folk are amazing – put first order through on Tuesday PM and it arrived in Croydon, Victoria on Friday AM. Even better placed a further order on Thursday pm and it arrived Friday AM. Fantastic service. Getting used to wearing the inserts (it’s only been a week) and now have two pairs for my shoes/ joggers and a pair of flip flops. Pain in knee and thigh slowly subsiding. Will highly recommend your product and customer service.

    Rob T

  16. Megan

    Pain free within an hour or two. I suffer from flat feet , the added arch from these inner soles have helped strait away. Most comfortable pair of orthotics. I used to purchase orthotics which cost me over $200 and these feel exactly the same. Very happy with my purchase and will be back for more

  17. Matt K

    I usually buy pro kinetics however wanted to try something different. These are just as good and 1/4 of the price. From purchase to door was only 4 days so very happy…. Thank you very much… recommend product and store

  18. Peter L

    Life saver! I am overdue new runners and because of Covid lockdown have been unable to purchase, currently walking everyday and my feet have been really sore along with calves, hips etc. They are a great fit, instant comfort, better than custom orthotics, no breaking in period, pain is no longer an issue esp at the end of the day, I would recommend to anyone wanting comfort and removing pain in their feet

  19. John

    Thanks for the fast delivery of these excellent Innersoles, this is my second purchase the last a few years ago it was time for New sets,
    I am nearly 80 and awaiting a knee – hip replacement I am determined to keep on walking my dog even though painful. My new set of Comforts have really have got me walking so much more comfortable again, I highly recommend this product many thanks John

  20. Stephen

    Thanks for prompt service & delivery. Easy to use, trim to fit the shoes, comfortable and has helped reduced my back pain and knee pain in the short time I have had them. I now don’t leave home without it especially when using it for standing all day at work, so comfortable. Highly recommend them.

  21. Andre Gaudard

    I am impressed with this product which is making a real difference to the problems I have been experiencing. Comfortable as advertised, and give me the foot support I need. Service was good too – the product arrived quickly after placing my order.

  22. Kerry

    After being quoted a ridiculous amount of money for other inner soles, I thought I’d try these. They certainly do the job, very comfortable and I can walk all day without pain. Definitely recommend.

  23. Pam Kelly

    I have a long term ankle problem and I am due for surgery at the end of the year. Meantime it has created a problem with my knee. Immediately after using the orthotics knee pain was gone. The swelling is still in evidence but I’m expecting that to settle now that the proper alignment has obviously been addressed. I am both amazed and relieved. Thank you so much.

  24. Carolyn H

    Purchased for family member- has a couple of pairs now – very happy and a great alternative to having ones specially made made by podiatrist- much more affordable.

  25. Paul C

    These insoles are very comfortable and fit in the shoes really well. After a few days of getting used to them they have certainly alleviated the tendinitis pain that i was consistently feeling. I would highly recommend.

  26. Katie W

    I’d been working non-stop for a few weeks which meant wearing the same shoes everyday and I was in pain.
    Ordered these insoles and they were delivered in record time and immediately stopped my feet getting any sorer and allowed them to recover!

  27. Beatrice H

    I am delighted with my new inner soles. I am a returning customer and found the same excellent service as previously – simple, clear ordering process and delivery within a couple of days.

  28. Roweana

    Stand on my feet all day, fitted these into my work boots and on first wear my feet didn’t get as sore. Sizing was great as I didn’t even need to cut anything off. Best insoles I have had

  29. Paul S

    The inner soles are very good, easy fit in my shoes, easy to swap around and came in a timely manner

  30. Rick K

    After having two knee replacements I find these innersoles really help me. I do 12 hour shifts which is soo hard on my legs etc.

  31. Milan J.

    Very happy with the product!
    Helps my feet when working 👍🏼👍🏼

  32. Elaine C.

    Great, perfect for my shoes and very comfortable.

  33. Lee M

    Bought these insoles after hubby had knee surgery. He said they are very comfortable. Delivered in 2 days. Highly recommend.

  34. Georgette R

    A great product. I need them because I walk a lot. I have bought many and I’ll buy many more. Thank you 😊

  35. James G

    These are fantastic! I use them in my work boots and they make a huge difference.

  36. Catherine H

    Comfortable sole with good arch support. The metatarsal support is not as good as on some of the other soles but still amazing.

  37. Tamis P

    Product as described. Easy purchase and delivery

  38. Diane B

    The arch support of the insoles suit my foot. My size for Comfort is small.
    The material that the the insole is made from is long lasting.
    The price is reasonable.
    It is convenient to be able to order on line.
    Being to be able to trim to size is important.
    Diane Broe

  39. Leonora C

    I think I have purchased 10 of these so far. How can I invest in this company? 😃 I walk 20k+ steps everyday in these and no pain on my flat feet. Without them, I get soreness on my soles after 10k steps!

  40. Maureen M

    Great! Well fitting orthotics. Delivery and packaging good.

  41. Kim W

    The product is exactly how it is described. Nice and sturdy with great support

  42. Bradley M

    Shopped fast , as described and fits well.

  43. Daniel M

    The soles have good support and quality is good. For me they fit into shoe without any modifications/ trimming. Comfortable and don’t even know I have any insoles in my shoe while walking or running . I’ll see how they last 3-6 months of use , but so far so good.

  44. Michael

    Good support. Happy with product. Have them in work boots.

  45. Ruben B

    The insoles fits well in the shoes and are comfortable. They are of great quality. I feel that my flat feet feel supported. Happy I bought these insoles.

  46. Lo F.

    Bought a pair of these after getting a pair of orthotic flip flops and finding those to be excellent. They arrived quickly and I put them straight in my work boots. They are so comfortable! They’re well shaped and supportive, and have helped enormously with my foot and knee pain from plantar fascitis, pronation and fallen arches.

  47. Gina

    Purchased these for my husband. He is a builder and has constant shin and knee pain. They were a perfect fit for his work boots and he was very happy with the arch support. Excellent service by Footlogics. My order arrived very quickly and I accidentally ordered the wrong size to start with but they were so helpful. They sent me the correct size and a free return bag for the wrong ones. Can’t ask for better service than that.

  48. Katrina

    Have put up with plantar fasciitis for 9mths, exercises only slightly helped (who has time to do these 3-4 x a day?). So found these and decided to give them a try. Really helped at first, but now realize there are more things wrong with my feet, so additional treatment is now needed. I do not for one minute regret these, as I think they’re terrific and good for over pronation and plantar fasciitis. Would 100% recommend to others.

  49. Michael

    I suffer from pronation, which causes sore feet , ankles and knees. I spent over $700 getting custom orthotics made, which made a big difference. Unfortunately they were in my work boots, which got stolen. I decided to try these for the price. I’m so glad I did. Ive tried multiple off the shelf liners and orthotics and these are the only ones that have decent arch support, to stop my foot rolling inwards. The medium fits my US9.5 foot perfect. Could do with better shock pads, but overall 9.8/10 Thanks for making affordable foot pain relief

  50. Howerd P

    I bought these recently and they arrived in super-quick time They’re a perfect fit for my size 13 runners and the comfort is unbelievable. Well done Footlogics Regards Aitchtee

  51. JOHN

    After wearing cheap sneakers with no support for 3 months I suddenly developed arch pain I purchased these insoles because of the highly rated reviews. For the first couple of hours they were a little painful I think due to my feet getting used to them but since wearing them in I am in no longer pain and they do a great job. Highly recommend this product.

  52. Mary L

    The Footlogics Comfort orthodics have made a difference and prevent me from getting pain in my knees, which have taken a beating when I had fallen off my bikes. They are a must when I set out on a shorter or longer walk.

  53. Steven M

    I had constant arch pain after standing on my feet at work even had orthotics made up by a professional podiatrist but the pain never went away until I bought these insoles from footlogics they are absolutely amazing now I can get through work pain free and the amazing thing is I even feel like walking for exercise afterwork Thank you footlogics.

  54. G

    Excellent fast delivery. Have worn only one day, were very supportive & comfortable. Thank-you.

  55. Silke

    For a while I couldn’t get up and walk normal after resting for a while as my feet hurt and were stiff. It took me few steps before I was able to walk. I also had developed knee pain and overall foot discomfort. I am over pronouncing and have a bit of flat feet. A podiatrist quote me $600,- which I wasn’t willing to pay. Fortunately I found footlogics and after talking to the owner who is lovely and helpful I thought I give it a try. I have been purchasing these orthotics for years now and my problems have completely resolved. My daughter gets these Orthotics as well due to over pronouncing and helps Madam Clumsy not falling over her own legs anymore. Thank you! 😉

  56. Kelsey

    Great product purchased them for my son who has incredibly flat feet and has made a huge difference

  57. MAL

    I had been experiencing pain in my knee and lower back and my Chiropractor advised me that it was important to ensure I maintain alignment in my gait. These inserts, while taking some getting used to, seem to be doing the trick.

  58. Lynette R

    Got these to go in runners for walking, they are so comfy I forget to take them off. Lynn

  59. Tanya C

    This is my second pair of Footlogics. Also purchased the full shoe model for my sneakers. 2 day shipping from order which was fantastic. Great support on my totally flat feet. Very happy thank you.

  60. Jutta

    My forth pair (each pair of shoes) Have been wearing them daily and no knee and hip problems anymore. Very good product and outstanding service

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90-day Money-Back-Guarantee

When you purchase Footlogics orthotics your walking comfort is guaranteed! If our product does not provide you with the level of comfort you expected, please return the goods within 90 days of purchase (with your receipt) and we will refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Even if you have worn the product for a while and/or have trimmed the insoles with scissors, you will still be able to receive a full refund. As soon as we have received the orthotics back from you, we debit your credit card or Paypal account.

Footlogics offers free shipping via USPS. Most packages are delivered in 2-3 business days, however, on occasion it could take 7-10 business days as exceptions apply and delivery time is not guaranteed. Our distribution centre is based on Fort Worth, TX