Orthotics for Ball of foot pain (Metatarsalgia)

Orhotics for ball of foot pain

Pain in the ball of the foot is the second most common foot problem (the first one is Plantar Fasciitis).  Ball of foot pain is usually caused by a drop in the metatarsal bones, as a result of being over-weight, excess pronation of the feet or both. In addition some types of footwear like narrow fashion shoes or high heels can contribute to ball of foot pain - even hard work boots.  Footlogics offers a range of orthotic solutions for people who suffer from this condition. For high heels, the Footlogics Catwalk is an ideal insole, as it hardly takes up any space in the shoe. The Versa orthotic is a versatile insole for a variety of women's footwear. For regular flat footwear we recommend the Footlogics Metatarsalgia and for joggers, running and sports shoes the Footlogics Sports is the ideal product.