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Four Basic Knee Care Tips For Everyone

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Four Basic Knee Care Tips For Everyone

It is very easy to comprehend that as we age, our joints wear out. They become weak and wobbly; especially our knees if we don’t take good care of them.  The cartilage in our knees that cushions your joints breaks down, and gives rise to a condition called osteoarthritis. Understand that without enough padding in our knees, our bones start to hurt because they tend to rub against each other. However, there are ways you can ease this pain and protect your remaining cartilage. All you have to do is follow these tips and you can slow down the damage.

Lose Weight, Slim Down

This is for you if you're overweight. Losing weight or shedding those extra pounds will definitely help take more stress off your knees and hips and all your lower body joints. According to studies each pound that you lose gets rid of 4 pounds of pressure from your knees. This in turn lessens the wear and tear of the joint which actually slows down the progress of arthritis.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Aerobic Exercise

Arthritis and the pain that it causes are enough to make you reluctant to exercise and more than and skeptical to its benefits in the long run. However, there is research that shows that this pain and stiffness can get even worse if you aren't active enough in your daily life. You will benefit a lot from regular exercise as it gets your heart pumping and boosts your blood circulation, and this keeps your cartilage well nourished. And needless to mention it also helps you maintain a healthy body weight. Apart from walking, cycling and swimming you can also aim for aerobics for about 30 minutes, 5 days a week to start with.

Build Stronger Muscles

Yes, by strengthening your muscles that are located around your joints you can get natural shock absorption and that naturally protects your joints from more wear and tear. Strong muscles prevent you limbs from hard jerks and shock or a fall for instance and also absorb much of the negative effects of any sudden and harmful body movements. Work to strengthen you quadriceps muscles, which are located in the front of your thighs so that your knees get maximum support and slow down the symptoms and harmful effects of arthritis over time.

Perform Stretches Every Day

Yes, seems a bit difficult but if you want healthier joints and a better quality of life, you will do it. Stretching helps improve your joint mobility and also helps you fight stiffness. It also protects your cartilage from further wear and tear. Just keep your body moving to keep