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Managing Ankle Pain Like A Pro With Icing

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Managing Ankle Pain Like A Pro With Icing

We discussed in our previous posts how our ankles suffer from tremendous amount of pressure and pain. We put a lot of weight on our feet and ankles and this is one set of bones that gets exercised a lot. We just can’t ignore the fact that we put them through a lot of ordeal throughout the day.

At the end of it all, when they twist or become swollen with pain and stiffness, we realize that what all we’ve been doing is perpetuating a problem that could have been gotten rid of right at the start. All we had to do was be a little cautious but since the pain has already begun and we’ve already inflamed our ankles, it is better to resort to corrective measures. You can try icing to ease off ankle pain and swelling.

How Icing Works To Rid You Of Pain And Swelling

When we experience immense pain and inflammation due to overworking our muscles, we tend to feel tenderness and heat emanating out of them. This is due to the sudden expansion of our muscles that takes place while working out or when we perform some strenuous outdoor activities like trekking, marathon runs, boot camps and functional training and other similar things.

These sudden movements can also cause tears in the underlying tissues and that can cause swelling and redness. Experts say that a cold pack treatment is not just a home remedy. People suffering from osteoarthritis or osteoporosis, gout, or any other bone disease may respond well to icing. They can also opt for an alternating hot-and-cold therapy.

By using two gel packs, each applied for 20 minutes, one can get favorable results. Like we said, ice therapy for swollen and paining ankles is not just another home remedy. It is in fact a medically proven technique that effectively reduces inflammation and pain.

Other than being highly beneficial for athletes even you can employ this if you have been suffering from major ankle and foot injuries. You don’t really have to perform a typical therapy with ice for this effect. You can even use cold packs or simply dip your feet in snow or very cold water. The ice or ice cold water helps in contracting the expanded and inflamed muscle tissues. This reduces redness and tenderness. With prolonged therapy it will reduce the pain as well and the effects will be long lasting.