Vitamin D & Bone Health

Vitamin D & Bone Health

Worried about your bones and joints? Do you take enough Vitamin D? You already know and understand how calcium works to benefit your bones and keeps osteoporosis at bay. This nutrient in particular is very essential for our bones. It also helps maintain bone density and strength throughout our lifetime.

But then what is the role of Vitamin D in it? You see, if you don’t have enough Vitamin D, the calcium that you take in your diet will not reach its full bone-building capacity. Most of us don’t even know how much Vitamin D is essential to maintain proper bone health. The fact of the matter is that without either of the two, i.e. Calcium or Vitamin D our bones cannot be strong.

These two minerals work together to make our bones and joints stronger and also protect them from injuries. Calcium functions to build new bones and maintain the existing ones, and Vitamin D helps us effectively absorb that calcium. So it is wise to conclude that you may be risking bone or joint injury just by not taking enough Vitamin D with it.

Your daily dosage of Vitamin D and calcium intake will vary according to your age and sex and also hormone status. According to recent studies many American girls have been reported to miss out on calcium in their diet after the age of 11.Oral calcium supplement is one of the simplest and most effective ways of increasing your calcium in your diet.

What Are Other Various Sources Of Calcium?

Do you know that our bones are made up of 99.5% of the total calcium in our body? It is easy for many of us to take in enough calcium on a daily basis from the foods we eat such as:

  • Low fat or reduced-fat or skim milk
  • Low-fat yogurt (plain or fruit)
  • Swiss cheese
  • Calcium-fortified juice/cereal
  • Calcium-fortified cereal
  • Tofu (soya)

Some Of The Most Common Sources Of Vitamin D Include:

We all know how Sunlight is the most widely available source of Vitamin D but soaking in the healthy rays of the sun isn’t always possible. Moreover, when you stay in the sun unprotected or without properly safeguarding your skin against its harmful effects, constant or unhindered exposure to the sun puts you at risk of skin cancer. Obviously you will be worried about it, but then even if you take all precautionary measures all year round, sun exposure isn’t really a guarantee. So, it is wiser to opt for foods that can provide you with ample Vitamin D necessary to maintain healthy bones and joints.

Some Other Good Sources Of Vitamin D Are:

  • Vitamin D-fortified milk
  • Whole eggs (Egg yolks in particular)
  • Fatty fish
  • Multi-Vitamin
  • Vitamin D Supplements