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Run For Your Health

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Run For Your Health
Run For Your Health

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times already that laughter is the best medicine. There is another thing that acts as a really good medicine and that is exercise. There are many scientific studies that give evidence of exercise being of tremendous benefit to you. This is not just about hitting the gym 6 days a week but performing any kind of physical activity that makes you sweat and feel active at the end of the session.

They say that running in particular has numerous health benefits that extend your life and make you look younger and feel fitter for years to come. Even your doctor will prescribe it. Studies suggest that regular running sessions help prevent obesity, heart diseases and type-2 diabetes. It also prevents high blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke, and also works to prevent some cancers, and many other unpleasant conditions. Doctors also believe that running vastly improves your emotional and mental life, and helps you live longer.


Running Keeps You Happy

If you are fond of working out regularly, you already know about it. No matter how low you are feeling at any given moment of the day, 30 to 40 minutes of exercise makes you feel good. The rush of feel-good hormones that shows effects across your body does wonders for your health. They are known as endocannabinoids and researchers have found that a single bout of exercise or walking on a treadmill could lift your mood instantly. It could really help someone suffering from major depression. Running also protects you from anxiety, stress and hyper tension. Just 30 minutes of running during the weekdays can boost your sleep quality, enhance your mood, and improve concentration at work.

Running Makes You Fit

Running burns extra calories and this keeps on happening not only while you’re working out but even after you have stopped. According to many individual studies regular exercise boosts “afterburn.” This is the number of calories our body burns after the exercise is finished. And doctors say that you don’t have to be running at the speed of a wild cat to get these results. You can reduce your fat and get fit by just being at your 70% intensity.

Running Strengthens Your Joints

Everybody already knows that running increases our bone mass and helps prevent age-related bone loss. Studies show that running improves joint health. When experts looked at people with knee arthritis, they didn’t find a history of running. Likewise when they looked at runners and followed them over time, they didn’t find that they were exposed to any risk of developing osteoarthritis. So yes, this gives you another reason to shed all inhibitions and doubts and go out for a run. This new year, run for your health and over all well being.