The Best Way To Become A Marathon Runner

The Best Way To Become A Marathon Runner

So, you’ve finally decided that you are going to take part in this marathon. But you are still not sure where to begin to improve your fitness level. All your friends are trying to encourage you but deep down you know that even they are not so sure that you will be able to complete it.

Do you know that doing a little bit of yoga can help improve your fitness levels too? Think about it like this, what does running do? It tires you down. You tend to breathe more and faster. You need more capacity in your lungs to expand and take in more oxygen and expel more carbon dioxide simultaneously. And what does yoga do?  It teaches you how to stay focused on different positions while maintaining constant flow of breathing and bodily balance. This helps you gain control over yourself and enhances your breathing capacity. J

ust by making sure that you are practicing the right poses and under the right guidance you can get equipped to run a marathon within just 6 months or less. All you have to focus on is your breathing technique and prevent the long marathon run from tiring you down. Not that you will be able to avoid it completely but with better functioning lungs and more oxygen in your body you will be able to recover from the stress of it much sooner. This is one way of combating physical stress.

This Is The Moment Your Potential Will Be Tested

If you think you can’t manage all of it on your own, you can rely on marathon organizers. They are involved in several health camps that conduct training programs for beginners so that they can get insights about their fitness levels and also understand where exactly they need to work.

Commitment Is Important But So Is Care!

You have to take your joints seriously and also understand that just like any other fitness regime you decide to follow whether it is gym or yoga or cycling, running too requires commitment and discipline. Everyone has a different body type and you need to realize that. Even your capacity to run and recover from all that stress is going to differ from that of your friends and colleagues who are participating in the very same marathon.

Try to stick to a schedule that is most convenient for you in the beginning and then you can increase the intensity of it gradually. You will notice that you have become comfortable with the increased intensity and you can dial up the difficulty level further as you progress. The trick is to go slow and steady because you know how they say; slow and steady wins the race.

Last, but not least, look after your biomechanics make sure you wear the right type of shoe for your feet (i.e. pronator, supinator etc). Try Footlogics Sports in your running shoes for added control and cushioning.