Orthotics for foot pain, flat feet and other conditions

Flat Foot Insoles

At Footlogics we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality orthotics to help them move freely with reduced foot or knee discomfort and pain. That is why we supply and manufacture a wide range of premium flat foot insoles, offering the comfort and support they need when they need it.


Also known as fallen arches, flat feet is a condition where the arch of the foot sits lower than it normally should, with common symptoms including pain in the heel or leg.

With the correct level of support from a durable insole, the user can help to promote the natural and healthy shape of their foot and reduce the risk of conditions such as knee and joint pain in the future.


Premium Orthotics for the Treatment of Foot Pain

When it comes to finding the correct orthotics for foot pain treatment, customers know they can trust Footlogics.

For more than 15 years we have been a sought-after name in effective and affordable orthotics, delivering products that will assist our customers in supporting their overall health and wellbeing, and allow them to enjoy a life that is not limited by nagging foot pain and issues.

Dont accept frustrating foot pain as just another part of your life, turn to the experts at Footlogics today and let us help you get on top of it.

Cost-Effective Orthotics for Flat Feet and Other Conditions

Footlogics offers a wide range of high quality orthotics for flat feet, with products that provide effective relief from many aches and pains associated with the condition. Please see below the most common foot conditions and the relevant Footlogics orthotic. We offer a no questions asked 90-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee.

For more information on our orthotics for flat feet, or for a selection of other common podiatric conditions, simply scroll down.

You can also contact our qualified and skilled staff to learn more about the specifics of each orthotic insole, and to get help in finding the right product for your feet.